How 'Pockets of Innovation' Can Create More Agile Dev Teams

How 'Pockets of Innovation' Can Create More Agile Dev Teams

Learn how 'Pockets of Innovation' Can Create More Agile Dev Teams. How and why enterprises should focus on creating a series of small wins through pockets of innovation, rather than going for massive four-year projects.

Erik Dietrich discusses how modern enterprises can innovate by giving more independence to software engineers.

"Build on a series of wins by deconstructing, and winning on small bets."

This was the advice shared by  Erik Dietrich, founder of DaedTech LLC and Hit Subscribe, and author of the book Developer Hegemony: The Future of Labor .

During an episode of the Coding Over Cocktails podcast, Erik discussed how enterprises should focus on creating a series of small wins through pockets of innovation, rather than going for massive four-year projects towards becoming a more agile and responsive organization.

This stemmed from an observation on how startups would have the advantage of making genuine progress towards digital transformation, as compared to enterprises.

"Even with these good faith efforts, it’s tough for the enterprises, as it seems like they're often doing a lot of innovation through acquisition, or wholesale plays. And then they expect to magically become – over the course of four years of effort – some kind of startup," said Erik.

But, we just didn’t see a lot of that happen.

Realistically, enterprises that had transformational success used pockets of innovation, which allowed them to remove a lot of the restrictions brought about by having a lot of risk mitigation strategies.

"Compliance departments, legal – these kinds of things would tie these groups’ hands. So, instead, they would create this little pocket that was insulated from that stuff. And then they would have success in that pocket," Erik says.

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