Go Programming and Why should you learn Go Language?

Go Programming and Why should you learn Go Language?

Go provides you high performance like C/C++, super efficient concurrency handling like Java and fun to code like Python/Perl. Go with Golang and why go is the best programming language in the world and Why should you learn Go Language?

Why Learn Go Lang - Should I go with 'Go' | Brief Intro to Go Language

Go with Golang and why go is the best programming language in the world.

We will talk about:

  1. Power of GoLang
  2. Is Go for everyone
  3. Who said Go is better than Nodejs
  4. Who are the creators of GoLang
  5. Why GoLang was created by Google
  6. Why Learn of GoLang
  7. Companies using GoLang
  8. What GoLang have and what not
  9. GoLang Garbage Collection
  10. GoLang Concurrency
  11. Recommended Books for Learning GoLang

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Introduction to Go (Golang) Programming Language

Go also known as Golang is an open source, compiled and statically typed programming language developed by Google. Go is a procedural programming language.

Why Golang (Go) so Fast?

Go is praised by everyone for achieving extremely high concurrent performance, but Why? In this Golang (Go) tutorial, I’ll introduce how the Go program to achieve extremely high concurrent performance, and its internal scheduler implementation architecture (G-P-M model). I’ll also explain how Go can make full use of computing resources, and how the Go scheduler deals with threads step by step

Golang Tutorial - All about Loops in Golang

In this Golang tutorial, you'll learn about all types of Loops in Golang. Loops are a little interesting in Golang. Golang mainly focuses on FOR loop but the for loop is designed in such a way that you will not miss the absence of while loop.

Golang Tutorial - How to Get Started with Golang

In this Golang tutorial, we will talk about How to get started with go. What are the questions that you need to ask before you get started with go. We surely can start directly by installing go but answering these question first, will help you understand the goal for learning Go as a language.

Golang Tutorial - Structs in Golang

Structs are important data types in Golang and mostly used type too. Since Golang does not support concept of inheritance that's why structs take major load of data types. Structs support default datatypes like string, int etc to built custom data types