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Kabanda Nat


Guide - Features - Commands for Dyno Bot for Discord

When it comes to managing data on Discord servers and regulating various channels, Dyno Bot is a popular moderation Bot that offers you with a variety of moderating tools and commands that make administering your server a breeze.


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Guide - Features - Commands for Dyno Bot for Discord
Ray  Patel

Ray Patel


CSUL Discord Bot for python


This is the same old bot running on the Discord Server of CSUL, but i’ve changed the code. It’s better now.

How i did

The bot is now running on Heroku servers, using only free features. There are some new commands on Heroku CLI that can be a problem if you don’t pay attention.

I’ll list some things i almost miss while read the documentations, on the first attempt to host this bot.

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Erwin  Boyer

Erwin Boyer


Deploy Your First Discord Bot

Ever wanted to build and ship a Discord bot? Start here

veryone seems to be interested in making bots these days, and you can’t really blame them. Making bots is fun! However, some concepts that go into getting a bot up and running might not be very intuitive, so I’ve made this tutorial to go over the basics.

What You Need

  1. Python (we’ll be using 3.7 for this tutorial)
  2. discord.py (we’ll be writing our bot using this)

I’ll continue the tutorial under the assumption that all who’ve followed so far have _some _background with programming/have used Python before. If you don’t/haven’t, no problem! realpython has really good Python tutorials for people of all skill levels.

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Jonah Lawrence

Jonah Lawrence


Building a Discord Bot with Python - Bot Basics


How to make a Basic Discord Bot with Python

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In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to get started with building bots for Discord. You will learn how to create a bot user for running a bot, how to install the necessary libraries, and write a bot that can respond to messages and commands.

📜 Discord.py Documentation

In future videos in this series, I will show you how you can:

  • Host your bot for free online 24/7
  • Build cog modules to help make your code more maintainable
  • Implement a fancy Help Command
  • Interact with other APIs to make useful bot features
  • Much more

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📺 In this video:
0:00 - Introduction
0:14 - Making a GitHub repo
1:25 - Creating the main bot structure
2:08 - Installing Discord.py
3:05 - Creating a bot user
4:17 - Creating and loading environment variables
5:48 - Creating a bot in Python
8:10 - Loading more environment variables
9:20 - Listening for messages
10:34 - Adding the bot to a Discord server
12:40 - Debugging in Visual Studio Code
14:20 - Making a ping command
16:13 - Adding command documentation
17:03 - What’s Next
17:28 - Conclusion

🐍 More Discord Bot Tutorials (Coming Soon)

💻 More tutorials


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Sival Alethea

Sival Alethea


Create A Twitter Bot With Python

Create a Twitter bot with Python that tweets images or status updates at a set interval. The Python script also scrapes the web for data.

📺 The video in this post was made by freeCodeCamp.org
The origin of the article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u-zJVVVhT4&list=PLWKjhJtqVAbnqBxcdjVGgT3uVR10bzTEB&index=14
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Building Your Own Discord Bot With Python Is Easy

This Bot will be made in python so make sure you have python installed. you can install python here.

Open command prompt and type the following :

pip install discord-bot-maker

This will install the required modules.

Go to Discord Developer Portal and create an application by clicking on “New Application” and then follow the steps given here.

Copy the TOKEN and save it somewhere. We will need it later in this tutorial.

Open a text editor of your choice(or open IDLE if you are a beginner)

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