Bulletproof VSCODE: VS Code out of the box has some pretty nifty features

 Bulletproof VSCODE: VS Code out of the box has some pretty nifty features

VS Code out of the box has some pretty nifty features but what if I tell you with a few other extensions, tech, tips and tricks you can start flying over the base code like a pro.

VS Code out of the box has some pretty nifty features but what if I tell you with a couple of more extensions, technologies, tips, and trick you could start flying over your code base like a pro.


Starting with the most controversial and my favorite extension VIM some people love it others hate it.

Let me break it down VIM initially feels overwhelming and we all have seen memes of people not able to quit out of VIM :D

To get started with VIM inside VS CODE is just on another level you get all the cool extensions and move of a VIM ninja.

Let me show you a couple of tricks I use JavaScript for my day-to-day job.

A lot of times when I need to change the content inside a parent div and it has a lot of child tags and it is very difficult to go over and find where the tag had started and ended I use this workflow with VIM.

So what do I do?

move one step into the parent div and type

“cit” to remove all the code inside and change the content

Or “dit” to just delete the entire selection

what if you wanted to delete the parent inclusive as well go “dat” :D

and it does not limit this to HTML this same magic is available inside JS functions as well.

This is just one example of what VIM can do for you and there is seriously a ton lot that but once you get a hang of VIM, it will become second nature and your productivity will be through the roof.

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