Understanding Python

Understanding Python

Fantastic four aspects of python programming(Built-In/User-defined functions, Lambda functions, Recursive functions, and List Comprehension)

After having seen loops and conditional statements in the previous article, we now move forward with the set of topics called “Fantastic Four”. This includes functions(built-in, lambda, recursive) and list comprehension which constitutes the core of Python programming. Let us see each of the concepts in detail with relevant examples.


Functions are broadly divided into built-in, user-defined, and lambda(anonymous). Each of the categories is self-explanatory except the lambda functions which can be used on the go as opposed to the conventional user-defined functions. We will deal with it later in this article.

Built-In functions:

The Python interpreter has functions instantly available for use, called built-in functions. Let us see some common built-in functions.


It gives the absolute of a numeric value. See Figure[1].

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It returns the sum of the collection of numerical values. Figure[2] shows a list x with numerical values and sum(x) returns the addition of the elements in the list which is 386.

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It returns the number of elements in a collection. Figure[3] shows the number of elements in the list x.

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