How to Upgrade Angular 8 To Angular 9

How to Upgrade Angular 8 To Angular 9

Angular is currently the most popular JavaScript framework and is used by several expert developers when developing single-page applications or powerful web apps. It has become quite crucial for the developers of Angular to add more features to the framework and fix the bugs . Let's learn how to upgrade Angular 8 to Angular 9 using CLI.

Follow these steps to update your Angular version.

The first thing you need to do is check the currently-installed version on your machine using the command ng –version.

Upgrade Angular 8 To Angular 9

My system already has the latest version installed. For Angular 8, you should have @angular/cli v8.3.19 installed, if you don’t have Angular v8.3.19 installed you first need to update to it using this command.

Upgrade Angular 8 To Angular 9

Next, you can update Angular 9 using this command:

Upgrade Angular 8 To Angular 9

angular angular 8 angular 9

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