Docker for local web development, introduction: why should you care?

Docker for local web development, introduction: why should you care?

Docker for local web development, introduction: why should you care?

In this series

  • Introduction: why should you care? ⬅️ you are here
  • Part 1: a basic LEMP stack
  • Part 2: put your images on a diet
  • Part 3: a three-tier architecture with frameworks
  • Part 4: smoothing things out with Bash
  • Part 5: HTTPS all the things
  • Part 6: expose a local container to the Internet
  • Part 7: using a multi-stage build to introduce a worker
  • Part 8: scheduled tasks
  • Conclusion: where to go from here
  • Appendix A: Docker on Windows

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In this post

  • In this series
  • In this post
  • Who this series is for
  • "Why should I listen to you?"
  • "I am already using Vagrant/Homestead"
  • "How about insert favourite Docker-based solution?"
  • "Serverless is the way to go"
  • "Performance is terrible"
  • "I'm on Windows"
  • "It is not my job to deal with Docker"
  • It's all about the journey

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