How Has Vertical Alignment become easy with CSS Subgrid?

How Has Vertical Alignment become easy with CSS Subgrid?

This tutorial talks about the need for vertical alignment in websites and how to implement it with CSS Subgrid easily.

Do you know Grids and alignment both these CSS properties are always talked about together? Why? Because of the nature of their existence and the mess alignment creates on different screen devices. How easy and convenient would web developers’ lives become if all the devices in this world existed with the same screen size. Damn! That’s a dream. But coming back to reality, we have to deal with hundreds of devices with varying screen sizes, and the problem they create for the developers with alignment is an add-on. CSS Grids and CSS Subgrids were introduced to tackle the alignment problem with multiple elements existing side by side.

Grids were responsive, and instead of “hit and try” of pixel and margin values, setting display: grid worked like a charm. As time stands witness to the issues tackled by web developers, if they do not have one, they invent one themselves. Now the developers have started to create complex web designs with one grid nested with other grids. That was a makeshift arrangement, and making it work was an endeavor in itself.

Frustrated by the complaints of web developers, CSS included an updated library for the subgrids. I created a full post on the topic; if you are not aware of CSS’s CSS Grids property, it is highly recommended to go through what is CSS Grids and CSS Subgrids. This post is based on a very important situation handled by subgrid, i.e., solving the vertical alignment problem. But before coming to the solution, I understand that vertical alignment requires a little bit of detailing in itself. Therefore, I will analyze what this problem is to help you recognize it when it occurs during your website development.

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