Anil  Sakhiya

Anil Sakhiya


Demystifying Customer Experience

This session will demystify the customer experience & shall help the learners to embed the CX mindset while driving data/automation transformations. This will enable them to understand the key elements of CX which they must follow to excel in their professional journey as data/digital professionals. The session will be divided into 3 blocks: Transition from CSAT to CX Data / AI / ML double edge sword for the CX Secrete CX ingredient for your success as a professional. Q&A


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Demystifying Customer Experience
Erwin  Boyer

Erwin Boyer


Is Tech Making or Breaking Your Customer Experience?

Technology can be a two-edged sword. It can deliver incredible results and create unique problems. The customer experience (CX) sector, in particular, has been heavily impacted by technology for quite some time.

Just because you’re using customer relationship management (CRM) tech, doesn’t mean it’s working, though. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if your tech is making or breaking your customer’s experience.

Is Your Customer Service Organized?

Are You Ignoring Phone Calls for Other Tech?

Is Your Customer Experience too Tech-Centric?

Is Your Customer Experience Obsessed with Speed?

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Shawn  Durgan

Shawn Durgan


How Digital Transformation Is Redefining Customer Experience

Digital transformation gives a personalized look into the customer’s purchasing habits along with their likes and dislikes. Making it easy for brands to provide a tailor-made premium customer experience based on personal preference & unspoken need.

Ever since smartphones became a part and parcel of human life, people have been a part of a digital network that connects them to friends, businesses, colleagues, and peers.

People don’t just buy products now, they connect with brands, register on their web portals, use their application, give email addresses, and phone numbers at cash counters.

They expect brands to understand their individual needs & answer back when they complain. This has encouraged brands to embrace digital transformation and reinvent customer success.

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Gerhard  Brink

Gerhard Brink


How Big Data Analytics Can Be Used to Improve Customer Experience?

The world today is bombarded with continuously growing big data sets. This large amount of data is being produced every minute by businesses as well as individuals. Processing such voluminous data requires advanced analytics solutions. This is where big data analytics comes in, playing an indispensable role in analysing big data sets to uncover information.

So, What is Big Data Analytics?

How Big Data Analytics Can Help Improve Customer Experience?

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Fynzo Survey

Fynzo Survey


Fynzo Customer Feedback Software For Cafes, Hotels, Saloons, Spa!

Customer Feedback Tool | Fynzo online customer feedback comes with Android, iOS app. Collect feedback from your customers with tablets or send them feedback links.

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