How To Develop A Mobile Wallet For Seamless Transactions?

How To Develop A Mobile Wallet For Seamless Transactions?

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These mobile wallets enable quick transactions of money in no matter of time. There are many key players in the market like G-pay, Amazon pay, Bhim, Rupay, etc.; Features are critical defining aspects of mobile wallets. Have a look at the features that are essential for a mobile wallet to operate:

Enabling users to create a profile: The users should create their profile before the use of the app. The user has to provide his name, mobile number, bank details, address and transaction details. While developing an app, the developer has to provide a unique profile for each user. The most important feature is to link the mobile number of the user with the app to provide notifications.

Linking one or more accounts: The users will maintain multiple accounts with banks. So, the developer should enable a feature to sync more than one account with the app. To do so, the developer has to tie-up with the banks.

No limitations for transactions: The app should provide ease for the users to transfer their money. So, it is necessary to avail all transactions by setting up no minimum amount transaction. In this way, the users can send any amount to others.

Check balances: The app should display the available balance in the account with all transaction details. This helps the users to know about their transaction histories.

Push notifications: This is an essential feature for any mobile application. The mobile wallet app should send notifications to the users to keep them engaged with the app.

Rewards: Rewards are means of encouraging the users. Rewards in the form of scratch cards have to be provided. The users can scratch their cards and earn their bonuses in coupons and gift cards with top brands.

Summing up, Mobile wallet apps are on demand among people as they help carry out transactions seamlessly with no much physical output. An app with the features mentioned above will be sure to hit the market.


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