A 30 Days Challenge to Delve Deep into React Native using React Native CLI and Typescript

A 30 Days Challenge to Delve Deep into React Native using React Native CLI and Typescript

A 30 days challenge to delve deep into React Native using React Native CLI and typescript with other technologies.

React Native in 30 Days(version2)

A 30 days challenge to delve deep into React Native using React Native CLI and typescript with other technologies.

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After learning the basics of React native from reactnative.dev and other learn materials such as videos from youtube, blog articles, stack-overflow, etc, I decided to build a project to validate my skills in the middle of the challenge. I built an MVP version of a Todo app. Putting the skills I have acquired over the past few days, I implemented the following features:

  • Authentication (Email and Password) or google sign-in
  • CRUD operations: Creating, reading, updating and deleting a todo
  • Navigating between screens (Stack and Tab navigation)
  • Persist data to a Database service(Firebase Cloud Firestore)


Figma Design


  • React Native CLI
  • React Navigation
  • Typescript
  • Firebase


  • Clone the project from Github

  • Run git clone https://github.com/victorbruce/reactnative-in-30-v2/tree/day-1

  • cd [project-name]

  • Run npm install

  • cd pod and run pod install

  • Run npx react-native start in a new terminal

  • For macOS users run npx react-native run-ios

  • For windows users, start AVD(Android Virtual Device) and run npx react-native run-android

Folder Structure

src: contains all related code and assets for building the application

  • assets: images, icons, videos, logos, etc

  • components: contains reusable components that will be used on different parts of the screens of the app. Example: navigation, form inputs, buttons, alerts, etc

  • config: contains code that affects parts of the app such as theming, etc.

  • navigation: holds all the navigations for the entire app (Stack, Tabs, and Drawer Navigation)

  • contexts: contains all the contexts defined for holding global state variables within the app.

  • screens: holds individual screens within our app. Example: Home Screen, Settings Screen, etc

  • utils: resuable functions to perform certain tasks within the app

  • App.tsx: the entry point of the application

index.js: the file to register our entire app component

app.json: a file that allows us to configure parts of our application. From changing the name of your app to adding a short description of what your app is about or setting a primary user for publishing and creating builds.


  • Done/Complete

Download Details:

Author: victorbruce

Source Code: https://github.com/victorbruce/reactnative-in-30-v2

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