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SAP Material Management - SAP MM Tutorial - Intellipaat Blog
Sap Noida

Sap Noida


What is SAP MM (SAP Materials Management)

SAP MM (Materials Management) is a module in SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) that provides companies with materials, inventory and warehouse board capabilities. The essential objective of SAP MM is to ensure that materials are always kept in legitimate quantities and without shortages or gaps in the organization’s supply chain. It also helps supply chain professionals and other SAP users complete the purchasing of goods in an ideal and cost-successful manner and to have the option to manage everyday changes in these processes.

One of the critical modules in SAP ECC, SAP MM is part of SAP ECC’s logistics function and plays a vital role in a manufacturer’s supply chain. It integrates with other ECC components like Production Planning (PP), Sales and Distribution (SD), Plant Maintenance (PM), Quality Management (QM), Finance and Controlling (FICO) and Human Capital Management (HCM).

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Support for SAP ECC is scheduled to stop in 2025, at which point it will be replaced by SAP S/4HANA. It’s not clear from SAP how the functions of MM will transition to S/4HANA, although the newer platform has components to address the core issues behind MM, SAP MM Training in Noida.

SAP MM submodules

SAP MM’s functions incorporate material administration, procurement, measuring the executives, master information the board (material and merchant master), inventory the board, material prerequisites arranging and receipt verification.

These MM submodules have capacities that perform explicit business processes for those modules. These are executed through transactions, the strategy that SAP ECC uses to finish business processes. MM additionally upholds other coordination works that require materials data, for example, plant maintenance and venture the executives.

Business benefits of SAP MM

Everything in MM rotates around master information, which is put away and manipulated in centralized master-information tables. Master information types incorporate materials master, work focus, bill of materials and routing, SAP MM Course in Noida. The master information is utilized to make value-based information in SAP ECC.

For example, when a production order is created in PP, it uses master data from MM about the raw materials needed to produce the finished product, which will subsequently be used to create a sales order in SD.

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Sap Noida

Sap Noida


An Overview of SAP Material Management

In this SAP MM blog article, you will discover various parts of the SAP MM Module, like its functionalities and activities, just as various components and subcomponents including ace information, buying, charging, human asset management, and inventory management.

SAP MM Module

We will start this SAP MM blog article by learning the SAP MM Module. SAP MM Module is a vital piece of the SAP ERP Software. SAP Material Management is utilized by different organizations to deal with their buying and conditional information as it is both expense and time-proficient. SAP Material Management has a place with the strategic capacity which helps the business from procurement to conveyance of items. SAP MM Module comprises different units to deal with material procurement and sellers, investigate the material condition and quality, just as installment of the merchants.

Features of SAP MM Module

Some of the key features of SAP MM Module are as follows:-

It deals with Inventory Management and Material Management.
It is a process that keeps in check the scarcity or violation in the Supply Chain of a company.
It Manages Procurement activities.
To accelerate productiv
ity and cut costs, it manages the Material (products/services) and resources of a company.
It handles Master Data, Valuation of Material, Material Requirement, Invoice Verification, etc.

Advantages of SAP MM Module

It minimizes the cost of operations.
It reduces inventory losses by removing unnecessary or obsolete material.
Automatic Material Management and procurement activities lead to a smoother as well as efficient process.

Procurement Process In SAP MM Module

This article will certainly help you to understand about the Procurement Process in an SAP MM module, SAP MM Training in Noida. This SAP MM blog article will show the various kinds of Procurement Process.

Every company requires material or service to satisfy their requirements, and thus, they purchase them. This procedure is referred to as procurement.

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Physical Inventory Management In SAP MM Module

Actual Inventory Management under the SAP MM module handles the stock products in an organization. It handles the procurement of products as per their accessibility just as stores the load of merchandise inside the organization premises. It is utilized to keep up records of products just as they update them consistently.

Some of the functions of physical inventory management are:-

1. Movement management in SAP MM:- Movement Management keeps an eye on the goods which are ordered, stored, sold, or utilized, i.e., it handles goods receipt or goods issue.

2. Goods receipt in SAP MM:- Merchandise receipt is the record of the material that is conveyed by the seller to the client who requested. At that point, after the conveyance, the quality and condition of the merchandise are checked just as, after the affirmation of the material, the receipt of the Goods is posted. Right now, as per the development type, the stock is refreshed in the inventory utilizing the receipt of the merchandise. Products’ receipt mirrors the increment in distribution center stock.

3. Reservation in SAP MM:- Reservation in SAP MM is blocking of some stocks to ensure that it can be made available at a specific time. It ensures the schedule of stock and can be seen by the t-code ‘MMBE’ utilizing the material number and also plant key/code.

4. Goods issue in SAP MM:- Goods Issue is the activity of stock out of the Inventory System for utilizing or sampling or returning it back to the vendor. Goods issue brings about a decrease in the quantity of stock in the warehouse.

**Conclusion **

In this innovation driven world, SAP MM Course in Noida, the SAP MM module stays in critical interest as all organizations require the SAP MM module to deal with their material in a dependable way. SAP MM module assists associations with remaining refreshed and run proficiently.

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Autumn  Blick

Autumn Blick


R Tutorial: Better Blog Post Analysis with googleAnalyticsR

In my previous role as a marketing data analyst for a blogging company, one of my most important tasks was to track how blog posts performed.

On the surface, it’s a fairly straightforward goal. With Google Analytics, you can quickly get just about any metric you need for your blog posts, for any date range.

But when it comes to comparing blog post performance, things get a bit trickier.

For example, let’s say we want to compare the performance of the blog posts we published on the Dataquest blog in June (using the month of June as our date range).

But wait… two blog posts with more than 1,000 pageviews were published earlier in the month, And the two with fewer than 500 pageviews were published at the end of the month. That’s hardly a fair comparison!

My first solution to this problem was to look up each post individually, so that I could make an even comparison of how each post performed in their first day, first week, first month, etc.

However, that required a lot of manual copy-and-paste work, which was extremely tedious if I wanted to compare more than a few posts, date ranges, or metrics at a time.

But then, I learned R, and realized that there was a much better way.

In this post, we’ll walk through how it’s done, so you can do my better blog post analysis for yourself!

What we’ll need

To complete this tutorial, you’ll need basic knowledge of R syntax and the tidyverse, and access to a Google Analytics account.

Not yet familiar with the basics of R? We can help with that! Our interactive online courses teach you R from scratch, with no prior programming experience required. Sign up and start today!

You’ll also need the dyplrlubridate, and stringr packages installed — which, as a reminder, you can do with the install.packages() command.

Finally, you will need a CSV of the blog posts you want to analyze. Here’s what’s in my dataset:

post_url: the page path of the blog post

post_date: the date the post was published (formatted m/d/yy)

category: the blog category the post was published in (optional)

title: the title of the blog post (optional)

Depending on your content management system, there may be a way for you to automate gathering this data — but that’s out of the scope of this tutorial!

For this tutorial, we’ll use a manually-gathered dataset of the past ten Dataquest blog posts.

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Sap Noida

Sap Noida


What are the Career Opportunities after Completing SAP MM Certification?

What is SAP MM ?

SAP MM ( Material Management ) is one of the important modules in SAP ERP software and MM application module supports the procurement and inventory functions occurring in day-to-day business operations.

This MM module contains many aspects such as purchasing, goods receiving, material storage, consumption-based planning, and inventory. SAP MM module is fully integrated with other modules in the SAP R/3 System such as Finance (FI), Controlling (CO), Sales and Distribution (SD), Quality Management (QM), Plant Maintenance (PM), Production Planning (PP), and Warehouse Management(WM).

It supports all phases of materials management, materials planning and control, purchasing, goods receiving, inventory management, and invoice verification SysAppPro offers the best SAP MM Training in Noida as per the current industry standards.

What are the Career Opportunities after Completing SAP MM Certification?

SAP MM is a Material Management Program, worked by “Framework Applications and Products,” i.e., SAP. It is intended to keep a beware of consistently detail identified with the things the organization is managing. SAP MM deals with Procurement and Inventory management at its best.

It’s a perfect Career Choice

SAP ERP is having SAP MM as the most excellent Certificate, particularly in Manufacturing and Trading Industries. On the off chance that you are anticipating a profession with SAP MM, it has a legitimate extension in delivery firms and manufacturing firms which implement SAP MM modules.

The Career Options for SAP MM Certified Candidates are:-

SAP MM affirmation gives generously compensated positions in the ERP Market in numerous areas. What’s fundamental for SAP experts is information on business measures running in material management. The work areas for SAP MM holders can be:-

  • SAP MM consultants
  • SAP MM Plant Maintenance analyst
  • Purchase Executive
  • SAP MM functional Configurator
  • Sap End User
  • SAP Functional Analyst in MM
  • Team Leader
  • Material Manager

The above-expressed profiles require insight of full lifecycle implantation with legitimate arranging and logical abilities. Numerous organizations look for experts with 2-4 years experience. SAP MM is intended to work with the accompanying industry measures in an association.

  • Invoice Verification
  • Evaluation of Materials
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing
  • Consumption-Based Planning
  • Vendor Master and Material Master Data

**Chances of SAP MM Growth **

SAP MM Trainee Consultants or SAP MM Associates with required abilities are offered significant pay bundles. It is the main coordinations territory which involves Production Planning, Warehouse management and modules of deals and appropriation. For additional vocation development, you can move up to SAP MM/WM or EWM. There is a worldwide interest for SAP MM specialists. That much said a genuine responsibility and devotion is needed to fulfill the overarching guidelines. In spite of the fact that accreditation is only from time to time referenced on work postings, it will go far to build up your value.

Benefits of SAP certification:-

Being the most sought-after affirmation, IT experts having a certificate and involvement with SAP stage are profoundly esteemed. It requires long periods of involvement to acquire mastery. It is a troublesome accreditation test and includes quality preparing. It is satisfactory for little organizations to huge ventures.

SAP Certification will help you to secure:-

  • 5 Figure Salary
  • Quality Job
  • New Job Opportunities
  • Skill Recognition
  • Promotion Prospects

SAP MM has two levels of SAP Certified Application Associate

  • Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP7
  • Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6

SAP Conclusion

SAP affirmation requires satisfactory information on related wordings, for which you can set yourself up, For the work, your insight and abilities matter a great deal, alongside confirmation, as having accreditation isn’t all that matters, SysAppPro Provides the best SAP MM Course in Noida. you should have the information on the most proficient method to manage the management related issues.

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Ananya Gupta

Ananya Gupta


Advantages SAP and Its Importance for Organizations

SAP is one of the amount one providers of business software solutions towards better work and data management in organizations across industries. When Systems, Applications & Products in processing (SAP) was founded in June 1972, it had been centered on only a kind or big businesses.

However, over a period of your time, small and medium-size companies adopted SAP towards achieving organizational goals and today SAP is that the leader in enterprise applications.If you want to be a best leader then join best sap programming course and work on live projects.

Various SAP modules are developed over time focused on different areas. Professionals can become SAP Network Specialists, SAP FI/CO course for finance and accounting control, SAP Database Administrators, SAP Security consultants, etc.

On the opposite hand, management professionals can choose SAP customer relationship management, SAP business intelligence, SAP sales and distribution, SAP business information warehouse, and more.
SAP implementation may be a very complex process and requires adequate knowledge and training on the topic to achieve maxim benefits.

It takes years for professionals to realize expertise in handling SAP. SAP training helps one to realize expertise in software and programs that run them alongside SAP modules. SAP builds robust technical support for the organization.

Advantages of SAP HCM Module in Organizations
SAP offers software for the business world and a number of their solutions are management based. SAP HCM module is that the apt software for the HR department of a corporation. the work of HR is far beyond just recruiting. From hiring professionals to managing details of designation, payment, compensation, promotion, etc., are taken care of by HR. SAP HCM module enables one to stay a far better track of everything.

There are various sub-modules of SAP HCM for various processes like organizational management, personnel administration, e-recruitment, time management, payroll, ESS and MSS, and reporting. Organizational management manages the human resources of a whole organization towards achieving a group goal; personnel administration on the opposite hand manages details like compensation, performance appraisal then on.

E-recruitments enhance the recruitment processes of a corporation, time management enables better management of labor and time of employees, payroll manages the payment details then on.
Advantages of SAP CRM Module in Organizations.

SAP Customer Relationship Management because the term suggests helps in better management of customer needs and helps towards future and profitable customer relationships. SAP CRM provides a corporation the pliability to make various unique solutions for better customer experiences.

It helps in building consistent and relevant interactions across all branches that handle customers. This module helps organizations in driving customer value, loyalty, and profitability across the whole value chain of a corporation. Customer satisfaction is one of the common aims for each business and this SAP module helps to realize an equivalent.Think To Master In Sap Hana? Here Are Some Major Key Points For You

Advantages of SAP SD Module in Organizations
SAP Sales and Distribution is the ideal software for each organization that helps in managing master data, system configuration, order and cash process related transactions, and more. Using this module, organizations can better manage their Customer Master and Material Master Data, Sales Orders, Deliveries, Pricing, Billing, and Credit processes then on.

There are various sub-modules of SAP SD for various processes like Master Data, Sales Support, Pendulum List Indirect Sales, Sales, Shipping and Transportation, Billing, Empties Management, Credit Management, Foreign Trade, and Sales data system. Each SAP SD module provides easy and swift management of task lists within the broader process of Sales and Distribution.

Advantages of SAP BI Module in Organizations
SAP Business Intelligence, earlier referred to as SAP Business Information Warehouse is popularly referred to as SAP BI at a user level. SAP BI helps in various processes of a corporation. It’s liable for extracting data from different sources, applying rules thereon, and loading it to the Data Warehouse area.

SAP BI improves the management of knowledge Storage within a corporation. SAP BI enables one to represent data analysis in several formats like grids, graphs, maps, etc. SAP BI uses BEx tools so as to present these data and report presentations for organizations.

Thus, SAP provides various modules that enhance work processes within organizations. SAP training allows professionals to figure out better with SAP modules. That training module allows professionals to handle software presented by SAP towards better work processes and data management in organizations. due to the varied advantages mentioned, more and more organizations are moving towards adopting SAP by the day.

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