Microsoft announces Azure container subscription support in public preview

Microsoft announces Azure container subscription support in public preview

Microsoft recently announced a public preview to support Azure Container Registry across Availability Zones. Zone Redundancy provides resiliency and high availability for a subscription or replication (replica) resource in a specific zone.

Microsoft recently announced the public preview for support of Azure Container Registry across Availability Zones. The Zone redundancy provides resiliency and high availability to a registry or replication resource (replica) in a specific region.

Azure Container Registry is a managed service in Azure providing customers with a registry of Docker and Open Container Initiative (OCI) images, with support for all OCI artifacts. The service offers fast, scalable retrieval of container workloads and handles private Docker container images and related content formats, such as Helm chartsOCI artifacts, and images built to the OCI image format specification

Zone redundancy is a feature in the premium tier of the container registry service in Azure. Customers can enable the availability zones feature to create a resilient and high availability Azure container registry within an Azure region. Since Azure Container Registry also supports geo-replication, which replicates the service across multiple regions, customers can enhance the reliability and performance. Geo-replication enables an Azure container registry to function as a single registry, serving multiple regions with multi-master regional registries.

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