Create a Running Docker Container with Gunicorn and Flask

Create a Running Docker Container with Gunicorn and Flask

In this tutorial, you'll see Create a Running Docker Container with Gunicorn and Flask. The simplest container setup imaginable. Start here

Create a Running Docker Container With Gunicorn and Flask

Let’s begin by creating a minimal Flask application:

from flask import Flask
app = Flask(__name__)

def index():
   return 'Hello world!'

Next, let’s write the command that will run the  Gunicorn  server:

gunicorn --chdir app main:app -w 2 --threads 2 -b

The parameters are pretty much self-explanatory: We are telling Gunicorn that we want to spawn two worker processes running two threads each. We are also accepting connections from the outside and overriding Gunicorn’s default port (8000).

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