How To Unite AWS KMS with Serverless Application Model (SAM)

AWS KMS is a Key Management Service that let you create Cryptographic keys that you can use to encrypt and decrypt data and also other keys. You can read more about it here.

Multipart uploads with S3 pre-signed URLs

Breaking an object into pieces, uploading it to S3 in a secure way and constructing it to one piece

Deploy AWS Lambda (Node.js) with Serverless and read data from S3

Create S3 Bucket and upload csv file; Install Serverless Framework locally on your machine; Create a Serverless project (Node.js/Express.js) ...

AWS Serverless design for IoT

This IoT walk-through lab will show you how to send IoT data from your ESP8266 or ESP32 device, through AWS API Gateway, to Lambda, to a data lake in S3, and finally design a static web page for IoT data visualization.

How to Create an AWS SQS Queue with Serverless

This will show only the relevant configuration settings for deploying a new SQS Queue using Serverless. At the bottom, you can find a link to how to send an SQS message with Node. This post assumes you are familiar with AWS and the Serverless Framework.