Developers: Stop Writing These Comments!

Developers: Stop Writing These Comments!

Write short and clear comments: developers do not want to read books in the codebase. Explain the why, not the what: if the code is readable, the “what” should generally be self-explanatory. The “why” can only be guessed or assumed by developers. Developers should know never to assume or guess! Developers: Stop Writing These Comments!

Are you really making useful comments in the codebase? Let’s find out.

There is technically no right or wrong when it comes to comments, but comments can have a big impact on efficiency. They can make developers’ lives much easier. Let’s take a look at some day-to-day comments and see how we can improve them.

Example Comments

Let’s go through some example comments and see how these are performing. Afterward, we can define some rules to make comments more efficient and useful for developers.

Example #1: The “what” comment

Have a look at the following example, and make up your mind regarding this commenting style.

// Find all the users
let users = userHelper.findAll();

// Add score to each user
users.forEach((user) => {

// Return the users
return users;

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