Chatbot Service India

Chatbot Service India

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Chatbots continue to be popular among the businesses having digital, web, and mobile presence, mainly because these bots allow them to do away with the customer support and query handling mechanism while the bots take responsibility for all of these. In many countries, Chatbots are even throwing tough competition to the BPO and customer support sector. As major chat platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Skype, now allow integrating Chatbots for handling customer queries, the popularity of these Chatbots reached an all-time high level.

But since building chatbots involves several layers of complexities, expert considerations, and budgetary concerns, many businesses, and enterprise apps simply prefer hiring outsourcing services for building custom chatbot solutions for their needs. When it comes to choosing an excellent Chatbot service India appears to be an ideal destination, with several outsourcing companies having years of Chatbot development experience.

Well, here we will explain the benefits of outsourcing Chatbot development services from India, but before that, let us explain a few technical aspects and considerations for outsourcing.

Outsourcing Development Services

As too many businesses have the plan to implement chatbots in their customer support function. The Chatbot outsourcing market is really experiencing high demand. Some of the principal benefits of outsourcing Chatbot development companies include saving development time, easy access to advanced technologies and expertise, a requirement of limited resources, and least vulnerabilities or risk factors.

Coming to the technical aspects of Chatbots that are important for outsourcing development services should focus on meeting different business needs and abilities with hot solutions. Let's have a quick look at some of the important technical aspects.

Natural Language Toolkit

The Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) is crucial to Chatbot's capability of understanding and communicating in a real-world language spoken or texted in different contexts. We have too many Python-based chatbot service providers who use this technology, such as IBM Watson Conversation Service, Microsoft's LUIS, Pandorabots, ChatterBot, and others.


JavaScript is another programming option for chatbot development. JavaScript, which is globally recognized as a high-level interpreted programming language with great features and capabilities, comes as dynamic, flexibly typed, prototype-based, and multi-paradigm language for building versatile functions such as Chatbots. There are too many credible services that work on JavaScript-based chatbots, including Apache Open NLP, Stanford NLP, and Microsoft LUIS.

Why outsourcing Chatbot Service India?

Now that you have a basic idea about the technical considerations and constraints of Chatbot development and how it can benefit businesses let us understand now how outsourcing Chatbot development from India can benefit enterprises and organizations. Here we explain the key benefits of outsourcing chat development services from India.

Low-Cost Development

Chatbots can really be highly effective in bringing down the cost of providing customer support and customer services. Just because chatbots are automatically run as a program to handle almost all regular and frequent customer queries, companies with chatbots can minimize the use of human customer support executives. It has been seen that more than fifty percent of the customer queries received by businesses can easily be handled by chatbots, and they don't require human involvement. Moreover, chatbots can handle hundreds of customer queries in different languages with the least delay.

In India, global companies always opted for cheap BPO or business process outsourcing services just because of the English speaking proficiency and better quality manpower at a cheaper cost. Now, as chatbots have emerged as better alternatives to BPO for many companies, India is still the best destination for Chatbot development because of its commanding role in the BPO sector and experience in handling customer queries, a large pool of expert software developers and cost advantage for development projects.

The ideal destination for small businesses and startups

The growth story of the Indian economy and businesses largely depend on the swarming population of small businesses and startups that always played a crucial role in pushing the demand for IT products and IT-enabled services across the niches. The recent popularity of chatbots among small businesses and startups can largely be attributed to their inclination towards low cost and low maintenance solutions for customer support and query handling.

While Indian businesses are increasingly opting for chatbots, the same is also creating a very competitive market for global enterprises and small businesses around the world. Thanks to this factor, for low budget Chatbot development outsourcing, India has become the most popular destination among startups.

Established expertise level leading to successful implementation

Apart from the fundamental aspects corresponding to technology, proper knowledge management helps a chatbot to meet its objective. It is extremely important to have a fully-fledged database to give timely responses to client queries. This is where Indian IT companies catering to diverse businesses have a competitive edge.

In India, enterprises can find a plethora of software development companies with years of experience and expertise in building solutions based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) that can easily mitigate the difference between complex demands of users and the real-time distribution of alternative solutions.


Finally, both types of Chatbot solutions such as AI-powered ones and the preset rule-based, algorithmic chatbots are increasingly getting popular and are slowly replacing the BPO services for handling customer queries. As the Chatbot market is exploding, Indian Chatbot development services seem to be better equipped to rise to these emerging opportunities.

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