Stream Data From Postgres to Web using Go Backend

Stream Data From Postgres to Web using Go Backend

Using Server Sent Events (SSE)

This article is written with one and only idea in mind: to show you, how to stream data from database to web, as soon as they are inserted into a table.

This is a complete tutorial. We will run the database and create a web server service. This service will create new database with one table directly from the code.

This service has two main functionalities. The first one will be inserting pseudo random data into that already created table. The second one will be waiting for those new data and then it will be sending them to the browser.

This is a tutorial full of specific examples. You will learn, how to run database in docker, how to create database and tables from the code. You will also learn, how to set up Postgres to stream data out of it. And finally you will learn how to receive that data and send them to the browser.

We use Docker for running Postgres database and Go as a main language. A little bit of HTML and Javascript is also used. Goland is used as an IDE of choice.

This tutorial stands on work of other people’s work and is using principles from already written tutorial

Running the database

Start with running the database in Docker, using one command.

docker run --name postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=password -p 5433:5432 -v postgres_data:/var/lib/postgresql/data -d postgres:alpine

Check your running database using docker stats. If there is a problem, change external port from 5433 to another free port.

Preparing the project

Create new project in Goland, use modules, and name the project medium_streaming.

Create directories and files, like you see on the screenshot.

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