asian wedding photographer in leicester

Asian Wedding Photographer in Leicester,Videography, Cinematography,Couple Photographer featuring wedding photography.Photographer in London


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asian wedding photographer in leicester
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Learn Wedding Photography | Photography Tips and Tricks | Simpliv


Does this sound like you?

You’re a photographer who’s been asked to take photos at a friends wedding. They asked because they’ve seen some of your nice images, but you’re naturally concerned that you’ll let them down.

You have a few weddings under your belt, and want to gain confidence, improve quickly and develop your own style.

You’ve photographed quite a few weddings but want to learn some new creative ideas or maybe you’re just interested in learning how to become a great wedding photographer

What you’ll learn:

Learn how to capture some of the wonderful emotional moments throughout the day, how to get very natural looking posed photos, how to relax the couple and families for more natural expressions, plus you’ll be amazed at some of the creative ideas that you can easily use yourself.

This course covers the whole wedding in chronological order, from the bride getting ready at home or hotel, through to their first dance. Learn from the huge number of wedding images shown throughout the course (complete with camera settings), while I narrate and explain how I achieved the photos.

Lecture downloads are enabled for this course

Section PDF of image thumbnails, keep them with you and use as reminders

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn in this course:

Learn how to cope and take great images during the (sometimes stressful) getting ready phase
Discover some creative and unusual ideas for great photos while the bride gets ready
Ideas for photos while guests and families arrive at the the church or ceremony
How to take great ‘Ring’ photos before the ceremony
Learn the secrets of great processional (and recessional) photo, i.e walking the aisle
Discover the many ideas for photos during the ceremony and how to plan in order to capture some ‘moments’
Learn some useful techniques to use while the couple are signing the register/ marriage license
Learn what to do and get some great photos when everyone leaves the church or ceremony and mayhem ensues!!
Ideas for taking the couple with their posh car or carriage as they leave for the reception
Learn to capture some fun confetti throwing moments
Great tips for the formal individual and group photos
Don’t just stick to the line-ups, but learn some creative ideas for photographing the bride and groom, and the groomsmen and bridesmaids
Learn to capture the fun atmosphere of the wedding speeches
Tips for photographing the first dance
Plus much much more, please check out the course lessons below for more info.

What are the requirements?

You should have a DSLR or ‘Mirrorless’ camera
You should have a reasonable understanding of your camera
You should be personable and enjoy meeting and chatting to new people
You’ll benefit if you’ve attended a wedding or two
You’ll need to be enthusiastic, and keen to learn and practice
Enroll now or watch a couple of free lectures to get going!
Who is the target audience?

Anyone generally interested in wedding photography
Students who want to take more creative wedding photos
A DSLR or Mirrless camera and a reasonable understanding of its use
Not for complete beginners

Basic knowledge

This course does not cover post processing of images
This course does not cover the business side of wedding photography

What will you learn

Understand the structure of a wedding day
Start to develop confidence to tackle wedding photography
Capture natural looking posed and staged photos
Capture some of the authentic wedding moments
Take more creative photos during the wedding day


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asian wedding photographer in leicester

Asian Wedding Photographer in Leicester,Videography, Cinematography,Couple Photographer featuring wedding photography.Photographer in London


Tips for Hiring a Professional Real Estate Photographer in Los Angeles

Real Estate Photography plays a huge role in selling the real estate business. Most of the buyers search out information online and know everything about the property before meeting person-in-person. If you work in the real estate industry then it is worth considering these facts in real estate photography that may astonish you.

Read full article:

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alex cox


Asian Weight Loss Tea — What You Need to Know?

Asian tea is a new addition to the world of weight loss and this is one of the most amazing ways to lose weight when drinking tea. This has made an impression on the world of fitness. Every day the no. From the client is increasing to buy Asian teas instead of his usual tea and coffee. This is a very famous name of a new market formulation of health teas. Nowadays, many people are aware of the health benefits of oolong tea, which also helps you lose weight. The Chinese have drunk it for thousands of years and are very aware of their health benefits.

Asian tea is a mixed combination of green teas and other Asian teas that have been drinking for more than 5,000 years. This is totally a natural organic mix of exotic and scars as a stand, Puerh and Taiwanese Oolong. The steana is full of its high antioxidant properties of the protein that demolish harmful free radicals. It also has medicinal properties, which have a lower possibility of heart disease. Another important health benefit of tea is that it helps relieve stress.

Puerh in Asian loose leaf tea helps you maintain the correct digestion of foods that we consume regularly and we also prevent the growth of cancer cells. It also increases its blood flow that helps blood circulation. Taiwan Oolong is very rare in Taiwan. It helps you lose weight, burn fat and is also used to cure the digestive system. So now you have why many people are changing their weight loss product on this incredible product.

Asian tea is a great mix of small tapioca pearls, condensed milk, sugar, and honey, and this has been used for centuries by the Eastern Herbalist Master by its qualities that promote health. Roduve now helps you enjoy the benefits of these three teas of health promotion in a single master mix. Green tea is a proven weight loss formula that caused the loss of extravagant pounds quite easy for those who love tea. It has been shown that authentic Asian tea burns 2.5 times more calories than other green tea. It means that this is more than 2 times powerful as the other ordinary green tea. Black tea and green tea are the main 2 tea groups. Each group has different types of tea. Green tea is scientifically tested to help you to become slim.

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Basil  Rasool

Basil Rasool


4 Ways to use Photographs in your UI Designs

Today, I’m going to outline 4 different techniques you can use to integrate large photographs as a part of your UI designs. I’ve phrased them as being (1) Watermark (2) Fade (3) Unicorn and (4) Flat. I’ll go over each one of these methods and show you how you can quickly and easily create a section of a UI that features a prominent photograph.

0:00 - Introduction
0:48 - An Awesome Offer
1:32 - Technique 1
4:21 - Technique 2
7:31 - Technique 3
11:00 - Technique 4
13:25 - Closing


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