How to Add A Watermark To Your Video using Code

How to Add A Watermark To Your Video using Code

Build a simple application that adds a watermark to your videos

For anyone not interested in learning how to build an application that watermarks your videos and just wants a simple way to add a watermark to a video; this utility will do just that!

Watermarking first appeared in Italy during the 13th century, where paper manufacturers changed the thickness the paper whilst it was still wet. The watermarked part of the paper let through more light leading to a mark that allowed readers to identify where the paper was produced.

Today we use watermarks for a wide variety of applications, with the majority of watermarks now being off the digital variety. It provides for a clear, yet relatively unobtrusive way, to show original authorship. This is particularly important in the age of the internet where it is easy to copy and appropriate media without permission.

This guide has been written to show a quick and easy way to develop an application that can add watermarks to your videos using the Shotstack API. This API allows you to describe a video edit in JSON, and then use your favourite programming language to render thousands of videos concurrently in the cloud.

Let’s get started

Sign up for an API key

You’ll need to sign up for a free Shotstack developer account. After registering just log in to receive your API key.

The free version provides you with free use of the API, but does embed a small watermark into your video. You can get rid of this by adding in your payment information and using your production key.

We’ll be using  Node.js to build our application. No fancy routing, just the basics.

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