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Android 11 — 5 New Security and Privacy Features You Need to Know

Google releases Android 11 with new security and privacy features to ensure users’ privacy and protect their smartphones.

After a long wait and months of beta testing, Google last week finally released Android 11, the latest version of the Android mobile operating system—with features offering billions of its users more control over their data security and privacy.

Android security is always a hot topic and almost always for the wrong reason, including Google’s failure to prevent malicious apps from being distributed through the Play Store, over-claim of permissions by apps, and privacy leakages.

Though most of such issues can be avoided as long as users take advantage of already available features and a little common sense, most users are still not aware of or following basic security practices.

According to Google’s latest announcement, the latest Android 11 OS includes a few new built-in measures designed to keep users’ data secure by default, increase transparency, and offer better control.

Instead of diving deep into smaller or more extensive changes, we have summarized some critical security and privacy feature updates offered by Android 11 that matter the most.

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Android 11 — 5 New Security and Privacy Features You Need to Know
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Autumn Blick


Top Android Projects with Source Code

Android Projects with Source Code – Your entry pass into the world of Android

Hello Everyone, welcome to this article, which is going to be really important to all those who’re in dilemma for their projects and the project submissions. This article is also going to help you if you’re an enthusiast looking forward to explore and enhance your Android skills. The reason is that we’re here to provide you the best ideas of Android Project with source code that you can choose as per your choice.

These project ideas are simple suggestions to help you deal with the difficulty of choosing the correct projects. In this article, we’ll see the project ideas from beginners level and later we’ll move on to intermediate to advance.

top android projects with source code

Android Projects with Source Code

Before working on real-time projects, it is recommended to create a sample hello world project in android studio and get a flavor of project creation as well as execution: Create your first android project

Android Projects for beginners

1. Calculator

build a simple calculator app in android studio source code

Android Project: A calculator will be an easy application if you have just learned Android and coding for Java. This Application will simply take the input values and the operation to be performed from the users. After taking the input it’ll return the results to them on the screen. This is a really easy application and doesn’t need use of any particular package.

To make a calculator you’d need Android IDE, Kotlin/Java for coding, and for layout of your application, you’d need XML or JSON. For this, coding would be the same as that in any language, but in the form of an application. Not to forget creating a calculator initially will increase your logical thinking.

Once the user installs the calculator, they’re ready to use it even without the internet. They’ll enter the values, and the application will show them the value after performing the given operations on the entered operands.

Source Code: Simple Calculator Project

2. A Reminder App

Android Project: This is a good project for beginners. A Reminder App can help you set reminders for different events that you have throughout the day. It’ll help you stay updated with all your tasks for the day. It can be useful for all those who are not so good at organizing their plans and forget easily. This would be a simple application just whose task would be just to remind you of something at a particular time.

To make a Reminder App you need to code in Kotlin/Java and design the layout using XML or JSON. For the functionality of the app, you’d need to make use of AlarmManager Class and Notifications in Android.

In this, the user would be able to set reminders and time in the application. Users can schedule reminders that would remind them to drink water again and again throughout the day. Or to remind them of their medications.

3. Quiz Application

Android Project: Another beginner’s level project Idea can be a Quiz Application in android. Here you can provide the users with Quiz on various general knowledge topics. These practices will ensure that you’re able to set the layouts properly and slowly increase your pace of learning the Android application development. In this you’ll learn to use various Layout components at the same time understanding them better.

To make a quiz application you’ll need to code in Java and set layouts using xml or java whichever you prefer. You can also use JSON for the layouts whichever preferable.

In the app, questions would be asked and answers would be shown as multiple choices. The user selects the answer and gets shown on the screen if the answers are correct. In the end the final marks would be shown to the users.

4. Simple Tic-Tac-Toe

android project tic tac toe game app

Android Project: Tic-Tac-Toe is a nice game, I guess most of you all are well aware of it. This will be a game for two players. In this android game, users would be putting X and O in the given 9 parts of a box one by one. The first player to arrange X or O in an adjacent line of three wins.

To build this game, you’d need Java and XML for Android Studio. And simply apply the logic on that. This game will have a set of three matches. So, it’ll also have a scoreboard. This scoreboard will show the final result at the end of one complete set.

Upon entering the game they’ll enter their names. And that’s when the game begins. They’ll touch one of the empty boxes present there and get their turn one by one. At the end of the game, there would be a winner declared.

Source Code: Tic Tac Toe Game Project

5. Stopwatch

Android Project: A stopwatch is another simple android project idea that will work the same as a normal handheld timepiece that measures the time elapsed between its activation and deactivation. This application will have three buttons that are: start, stop, and hold.

This application would need to use Java and XML. For this application, we need to set the timer properly as it is initially set to milliseconds, and that should be converted to minutes and then hours properly. The users can use this application and all they’d need to do is, start the stopwatch and then stop it when they are done. They can also pause the timer and continue it again when they like.

6. To Do App

Android Project: This is another very simple project idea for you as a beginner. This application as the name suggests will be a To-Do list holding app. It’ll store the users schedules and their upcoming meetings or events. In this application, users will be enabled to write their important notes as well. To make it safe, provide a login page before the user can access it.

So, this app will have a login page, sign-up page, logout system, and the area to write their tasks, events, or important notes. You can build it in android studio using Java and XML at ease. Using XML you can build the user interface as user-friendly as you can. And to store the users’ data, you can use SQLite enabling the users to even delete the data permanently.

Now for users, they will sign up and get access to the write section. Here the users can note down the things and store them permanently. Users can also alter the data or delete them. Finally, they can logout and also, login again and again whenever they like.

7. Roman to decimal converter

Android Project: This app is aimed at the conversion of Roman numbers to their significant decimal number. It’ll help to check the meaning of the roman numbers. Moreover, it will be easy to develop and will help you get your hands on coding and Android.

You need to use Android Studio, Java for coding and XML for interface. The application will take input from the users and convert them to decimal. Once it converts the Roman no. into decimal, it will show the results on the screen.

The users are supposed to just enter the Roman Number and they’ll get the decimal values on the screen. This can be a good android project for final year students.

8. Virtual Dice Roller

Android Project: Well, coming to this part that is Virtual Dice or a random no. generator. It is another simple but interesting app for computer science students. The only task that it would need to do would be to generate a number randomly. This can help people who’re often confused between two or more things.

Using a simple random number generator you can actually create something as good as this. All you’d need to do is get you hands-on OnClick listeners. And a good layout would be cherry on the cake.

The user’s task would be to set the range of the numbers and then click on the roll button. And the app will show them a randomly generated number. Isn’t it interesting ? Try soon!

9. A Scientific Calculator App

Android Project: This application is very important for you as a beginner as it will let you use your logical thinking and improve your programming skills. This is a scientific calculator that will help the users to do various calculations at ease.

To make this application you’d need to use Android Studio. Here you’d need to use arithmetic logics for the calculations. The user would need to give input to the application that will be in terms of numbers. After that, the user will give the operator as an input. Then the Application will calculate and generate the result on the user screen.

10. SMS App

Android Project: An SMS app is another easy but effective idea. It will let you send the SMS to various no. just in the same way as you use the default messaging application in your phone. This project will help you with better understanding of SMSManager in Android.

For this application, you would need to implement Java class SMSManager in Android. For the Layout you can use XML or JSON. Implementing SMSManager into the app is an easy task, so you would love this.

The user would be provided with the facility to text to whichever number they wish also, they’d be able to choose the numbers from the contact list. Another thing would be the Textbox, where they’ll enter their message. Once the message is entered they can happily click on the send button.

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Autumn  Blick

Autumn Blick


Android Security - Best Ways to Secure your Android Devices

What is Android Security?

Android Security can be understood as something that is there to protect your Android devices. Android Security works upon protecting the devices from bugs and viruses. It even helps in saving the data and maintaining privacy once the device has been stolen or lost. Google’s Android platforms help us in protecting Android Devices such as mobiles and tablets that support Android. This protection is done against the malware attacks and unauthorized access. Protection against these are important as it may lead in Data or Device loss.

We can ensure the safety of Android even from our sides using Android as follows:

1. Mobile application security applications, and device lock system.

2. VPN connectivities is another important security aspect as it protects the data transition.

3. Scanning the websites to avoid the potential phishing schemes and fraud activities.

4. Finding the lost devices through GPS trackers.

5. There are many security applications available from Google as well as some third-party vendors. Some of the third-party vendors are Kaspersky, Lookout, Avast, and Qihu.

Ok, Do you remember noticing your device getting timely prompts to download new versions of firmwares. You might have thought that they were the latest Android version updates. Or you might have confused it with some new features having been added in your device. But, ending up with nothing new after the download must have let you down. Basically, they were none of the things that I mentioned above, but the security patch updates. Security patches were indeed boring to us, but vital to our devices. Okay, so let us get into this thing called Security Patches, and understand it.

What are Android Security Patches?

To begin, let us understand the term Security Patch. A security patch is basically a set of changes to a program or its supporting data. This set of changes is made to fix, update or improve its functions and performance.These patches work on the vulnerabilities of the devices and try to reduce them. There are basically two types of bugs/ vulnerabilities that are-

1. The first is the one that causes the software system to behave erroneously. It makes the software malfunction and shows wrong results to users actions.

For example, consider trying to open a music application, but Call logs get opened instead. So yes this type of bugs generally create inconvenience to the users. But, once they get severe they can also leave a deep impact on the reputation.

2. Another type is the one that actually affects the security of the software. Along with the software, it also affects the devices on which the software is installed on.

For example, you can consider the application asking you to enter the username and password but, as soon as you enter the username, it logs in. This might sound interesting but it may lead to leaked information and severe situations later.

So these were the two types, to be more exact, the first category of the bugs might turn into the second if they are manipulated in such a way. And that is the reason that security patches are actually important for us and our devices.

Why are Security Patches important in Android?

So security patches are important because they address the vulnerabilities of softwares. It is important as it stops cyber criminals from gaining unauthorized access to our devices and data. Security patches for Operating Systems are indeed crucial as OS vulnerability can be too bad at times.

Security patches are distributed to all the Android devices in a timely manner. Thus, there are various different levels of Security patches. You must always keep your device’s security patch level up to date to ensure it is safe.

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Leading Android App Development Agency in New York

AppClues Infotech as one of the Leading Android App Development Agency in New York one thing that separates our team of app design & development experts from the competition comes down to the timely manner that we are able to get a functional Android mobile app developed.

Amongst the Android mobile application development companies, AppClues Infotech is the most foremost Android app development company that builds modified, resourceful and creative apps. Our Team has high knowledge and the greatest strength of developing any type of Android mobile apps.

Our Android App Development Service:
• Android App UX / UI Design
• Native App Development
• Android App Programming
• App Redesigning
• App Testing for flawless Performance
• App Support & Maintenance

For more info:
Call: +1-978-309-9910

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Android App Development Services Agency in New York

Looking for a well-renowned Android App Development Service Agency in New York? AppClues Infotech is the most reliable & trustworthy Android App Development Services Agency in New York. We have a dedicated team of developers who can create custom Android mobile applications for start-ups as well as enterprises.

We believed to be one of the most popular service providers of Android app development. The Team has high knowledge and the best strength of developing any type of Android mobile apps. We offer versatile Android App development technology solutions to their clients at an affordable price.

Our Android App Development Service:
• Android App UX / UI Design
• Native App Development
• Android App Programming
• App Redesigning
• App Testing for flawless Performance
• App Support & Maintenance

For more info:
Call: +1-978-309-9910

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What are the top Android app development companies in New York?

Android Mobile App user increasing fastest in this modern digital era, Android is the huge marketplace across the world. Most of the users are prefer to choose the Android mobile app because it is simple to use and their features and technology are creative and user-engaging.

Looking for the top Android app development company for your dream app projects?

There are various Android mobile app development companies in the market and New York is the biggest IT hub in the USA. Finding the top android app development companies in this largest territory of the technology industry is not an easy task. We have listed 5 Android app development companies in New York, after so hard research on top listing websites like Good firms, Clutch, ITFirms, Glassdoor, etc.

Look at the Top Android Mobile App Development Companies in New York:

1. AppClues Infotech:


Established Year: 2014

AppClues Infotech is one of the leading Android Mobile App Development Company in New York and offering exceptional app development and designing services worldwide. They have the best strength in mobile technology & offering the most reliable service with the latest tools and features. They have successfully delivered 750+ mobile apps projects for their esteemed client.

They are a prominent service provider company and extremely hand over the project with on-time delivery. They have an excellent team of mobile app designer & developers who has high knowledge and the best strength of developing the top-notch Android mobile apps. This versatile mobile app development company is the one-stop solution for all your mobile apps need.

2. Data EximIT


Established Year: 2004

Data EximIT is the leading & trustworthy Android Mobile App Design & Development Company in New York. They are offering the premier mobile app & web development service to their client at the best cost price. This company can help you to grow your business quickly by making an amazing mobile app.

They have the greatest team of mobile app developers and the best strength to make an outstanding mobile app. While developing they are using the latest features & tools for a user-engaging mobile app to gain your business.

3. WebClues Infotech


Established Year: 2014

WebClues Infotech is the Premier & most reliable Android App Development Company in New York. They are offering an excellent mobile app and web development service to their client at competitive prices. They believe one of the versatile Android mobile app development services providing company in the USA. They have successfully delivered 950+ mobile app projects on various platforms.

They have the most excellent knowledge of the latest Programming Languages for Android App Development like C++, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML 5, Kotlin, and many more. They have the leading team of Android mobile app developers who has highly experienced and develop any types of complex mobile apps.

4. WebClues Global


Established Year: 2014

WebClues Global is the prominent Android Mobile App Development Company in New York. They are offering the best mobile app development service to their client at an affordable price. Being vast experience in the technology industry, they believe one of the versatile Android mobile app development services providing company in the USA.

They are using the latest Programming Languages for Android Mobile App Development like C++, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin, HTML, etc. They have a team of Android mobile app developers who are highly skilled and develop any types of mobile app projects as per your specific needs.

5. AppClues Studio


Established Year: 2014

AppClues Studio is the fastest-growing Android Mobile App Development Company in New York. They are offering high quality and performance mobile app development services at an affordable cost.

The team of AppClues Studio has a high capability to develop any complex project. They have the best strength & high experience in developing the mobile application. They build robust, high-quality, user-engaging, and creative mobile apps.

We hope given the best mobile app development companies list will help to build your dream mobile apps.

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