DevSecOps — Enable Security to DevOps

DevSecOps — Enable Security to DevOps

DevSecOps is a culture of adding security to the DevOps practice. Security team plays a vital role when the application is production ready.

A cultural adaptation to bring a secure change !!

DevOps is a collaboration between Software Developers and IT Administrators aimed to speed up the development, integration, testing, deployment, and monitoring of the application. Traditionally development and IT operations are handled by two distinct teams in a closed boundary, however DevOps enables the cross functioning of both the teams.

DevOps is not only about the automation activity but also focuses on broader areas like Continuous Integration (CI) which comprises Coding, Integrating, and Testing accompanied by Continuous {Delivery / Deployment} (CD) for project delivery.


DevSecOps is a culture of adding security to the DevOps practice. The security team plays a vital role when the application is production-ready. However, this creates last-minute panic during the deployment, the best way to overcome this is by adding security practices from the beginning. DevSecOps starts from selecting the right tools for development (IDE) till the deployment of the application.

Security is a collective responsibility and not bound to only one team. Each member of an organization is responsible and should contribute to the DevSecOps. e.g. a developer needs to follow secure code practices during development, the operations team should contribute to the operational security like firewall setup, etc.

Now since we understand the basics of DevSecOps, let’s focus on the *WHY, HOW, *and *WHAT *paradigm.

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