Enabling C# 9 in Xamarin & .NET Standard Projects

Enabling C# 9 in Xamarin & .NET Standard Projects

Enabling C# 9 in non-.NET 5 projects is super simple with just a few lines of code. Checkout how to do it in your projects.

Whoa! .NET 5 is out and C## 9 is out! This means you are ready to use records, new pattern matching, and more! But wait a second... your apps haven't been upgraded to .NET 5 yet or are a project type that don't support .NET so you don't have access to the new C## 9 features :( Or do you!?!?!?! Yes, of course you do! Most new features in C## are compiler based and not necessarily runtime based. When you create a new project the compiler determines a default C## language based on these rules:

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