Website Redesigning Tips For You To Know Without Altering SEO Ranking

Website Redesigning Tips For You To Know Without Altering SEO Ranking

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A website is the digital facet of your company and needs to be robust and secure in addition to being appealing. However, if you have designed your website to be attractive according to current preferences, the design might go out of trend at a later point in time.

That’s when redesigning your website might be necessary. Multiple reasons might add up to why you need to hire website design services for your website. Here are a few of them -

  • Your website’s design can’t attract target customers.
  • The web design is too monotonous and dull.
  • It isn’t secure.
  • It does not follow best SEO practices, etc.

In any case, asking a web developer to build a new website and investing in it could be an expensive affair and unnecessary too. However, redesigning it could give you the right way to keep your website up and running.

But, businesses always ponder upon whether or not to hire web development services and change their website design, as it might affect their search engine rankings. Nevertheless, a good web design company is well aware of what and how to change, and the extent of change so that your site ranking remains unaffected.

Furthermore, here look at a few website redesigning tips that can make your website look new while keeping the SEO rank intact.

Website Redesigning Tips Every Business Should Know

1. Temporary URL

You can’t possibly start redesigning your live website in case you are thinking it is right to do so. What if there’s a cyber attack or third-party invasion? You may end up losing your website for good or may lose the SEO ranking that you have worked really hard for.

It is wise to create a fresh temporary URL and copy the existing live website there for further design. It will help you significantly as your original website won’t be at risk in case there occurs an issue with the redesigning part of your website.

2. Shifting website pages instead of deleting

In case you have web pages that are no longer needed or you have created different web pages for similar functions, shifting them to another location is wise than deleting them. One can make use of 301 redirects and create web pages with similar functions, shift existing web pages to a new address, remove a subdomain while retaining the information present there, etc. In any case, it will help you sufficiently as you won’t lose out on much web traffic.

3. Optimizing website content

Content is of utmost importance for a website as it is the first thing users see when they visit your website. Old and boring content not only affects your user experience but also affects your SEO performance. Search engines like Google also update their algorithm from time to time to understand user intent and detect and rank better-optimized content.

However, making too many changes in your content can be a negative point too as search engines take a while to index it. Moreover, you should focus on the following points to optimize your website content.

  • Make sure you have a backup for all the content you have updated on your website. It helps in case your SEO rankings are highly affected or your website’s click-through rate has seen a major downfall. In that case, you can ensure to recover the previous content copy and see if your SEO ranking or CTR is regained.

  • Redesign your website’s content as you avail professional web design services. Your content needs to be appealing with catchy words, a readable structure and flow, should appeal to the target audience, and include CTA.

  • Make sure you don’t change everything at once and rather make the changes slowly. It is better to hire professional content writers to do the job as they are well aware of what to do.

A website design company keeps all these pointers in mind while they redesign your website. With their professional help, redesigning your website by keeping the SEO ranks intact will be a piece of cake. Auxesis Infotech is such a web development company that can help you with re-designing websites efficiently. The company has the right resources and help to give your website a new and refreshing design.

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