Introducing The Advanced Gradient Builder For Divi

Today we are excited to release the Advanced Gradient Builder for Divi, a brand new control type in the Visual Builder that allows you to design advanced gradients using multiple color stops and new gradient types. This feature is short and sweet, but we are really happy with how the new UI turned out and we think you are going to have a lot of fun using it.


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Introducing The Advanced Gradient Builder For Divi
Ananya Gupta

Ananya Gupta


Top 7 Advantages Of Advanced Excel Learning

Advanced Excel Certification offers numerous job opportunities that have come up. Lately, companies search for a talented personality who holds great knowledge in excel. However, simply basic knowledge isn’t sufficient. If you would like to be a part of a well-renowned company then you want to have the excel certification matching industrial standards.

Whether you’re seeking higher growth within an equivalent company or expecting an honest hike from the new company, complicated excel training courses with certification can surely increase your chances to be on the brink of the success ladder. Join an advanced online excel training class and improve your skills.

Know More About Advanced Excel?

The word itself explains the meaning of this course. this is often one quite skill that sets a learning benchmark for MS Excel. It offers a transparent insight to all or any of the simplest and therefore the most advanced features that are now available within the current version of Microsoft Excel.

In this competitive era where your colleagues would equally be striving to urge a far better post than you, if you excel yourself in some good certification courses then surely there’s no looking back for you.

This type of certification is all about brushing up your administration, management, and analytical skills which in today’s market is sort of important. To match up with the flexible needs of the clients, it’s important for you to be advanced and for this such training can certainly be helpful.

Some Mind-Blowing Benefits You Get:

There are ample Excel Training Courses that you simply may encounter, but choosing a certification course in Advanced excel possesses its perks for you also as for the corporate. Listed are a few that you simply got to know.

1.There is a superior recognition that you simply get
2.As compared to non-certified professionals, you occupy the highest at the competition
3.Employers will have you ever within the priority for giant important projects
4.If you’re a freelancer, then such advanced training is often an excellent learning experience
5.For those that wish to urge within the management, the world can have a boosting knowledge
6.Administration skills also get brushed up and a replacement range of job opportunities opens
7.There is an honest hike in PayScale soon after you show your skills and certification to your HR

Quick Tip which will Help:

If you’re getting to join a web course to urge such certification then see thereto that the trainer who is going to be taking care of you during this course is very experienced and may provide you with the simplest possible assistance.

Now you’ll boost your knowledge during a spreadsheet, play with new financial

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Introducing The Advanced Gradient Builder For Divi

Today we are excited to release the Advanced Gradient Builder for Divi, a brand new control type in the Visual Builder that allows you to design advanced gradients using multiple color stops and new gradient types. This feature is short and sweet, but we are really happy with how the new UI turned out and we think you are going to have a lot of fun using it.


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How to Create Gradient Background Animation in Divi 2 Ways

Gradient background animation can be a beautiful design technique for making background colors come to life on your website. It is a perfect solution for those who want something more lifelike than a static background color without having to resort to slow-loading video background. The basic idea behind gradient background animation is to use CSS to create enlarge and animate a gradient background to create seamless moving color transitions.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you two ways you can create gradient background animations in Divi. The first combines a custom CSS snippet that animates the gradient colors chosen in Divi’s built-in settings. The second way animates multiple modules with a radial gradient background over a row or section background. The setup is actually quite simple for such a beautiful result.

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Bruno Krampz

Bruno Krampz


Why You Should Hire a Construction Management Firm

Hiring a high-quality luxury home builder will streamline the entire process of constructing your dream home in a snap. But, before you dive into listing the top luxury home builders, remember these are skilled builders, not just designers. At every stage of the build process, implementing the client’s vision from start to finish is the number one priority. In this article, we will take a quick look at some of the services that a luxury home builder should offer you and how they can optimize your new dwelling.

Luxury home builders that specialize in energy-efficient custom homes will go the extra mile to ensure your energy bills are as low as possible while maintaining the integrity of your home integrity. Custom home builders can incorporate an entire suite of energy-efficient appliances into the design of your custom home. Energy star appliances will not only save you money on utility costs over the life of the apparatus, but they will also help your home pay for itself over time. This type of personalized approach to energy efficiency saves you money while improving the comfort and reliability of your home.

Custom home builders in Perth with their technology are becoming the norm. In years past, residential heating and cooling systems were designed and installed by individual engineers and plumbers. Now, professional engineers are employed by residential construction firms to collaborate with the field service technicians who install the systems and maintain them.

With their technology, custom home builders in Perth realize that the best way to keep a client locked in is to create a long-term relationship that will provide an excellent ongoing service. This gives builders a very competitive edge. In addition, the theme assures a better return on investment by making it possible to offer top-quality custom homes at affordable prices.

Building custom homes is not an easy task for many builders. The time-consuming and stressful nature of the project requires an incredible amount of focus and commitment. Working as a team and staying focused on the ultimate goal makes this effort possible. Hiring a firm that offers the added benefit of hiring a team of luxury home builders makes it possible for homeowners in Perth to have access to top-quality specialists who can deliver a beautiful residence in a short period.

When you work with the best custom home builders in Perth, you’ll get assistance from a team of highly skilled artisans. They will take into account your unique specifications, desires, and goals before beginning any building process. From floor plans to kitchen layouts to floor finishes, Many of the homes offered by them are among the most affordable homes available in the region.

There is no doubt that a quality construction management firm will provide all of the resources necessary for you to complete new development successfully. The construction management company will not only provide skilled professionals with the tools needed for the job, but they will also assist you throughout the entire construction process. This includes scheduling visits with architects, engineers, and other consultants. By working with a management company that works alongside you throughout the planning, design, and implementation phases of your project, you can rest assured that you will be able to get first-rate solutions and results for your beautiful homes.

You must choose the right luxury builder to meet your needs. Selecting a builder based on their suggested rate list is usually not a good idea. Instead, you want to hire a developer that offers custom home builders who provide the best rate lock contract available. By having a rate lock contract with a builder, you are ensured that you will be able to afford their services and that you are going to be satisfied with the result. By knowing the difference between the suggested rate list of luxury home builders in your area and the rate lock rate list provided by a reputable company, you will know you are making a solid investment. This will ensure that all aspects of the construction process are managed efficiently, and your new home will be built to last.

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How to Create Custom HTML5 Video Controls for a Video in Divi

HTML5 Videos are a convenient and effective way to display videos on any website. In fact, Divi uses the HTML5 video format to display videos in Divi using the Video Module. However, by default, these videos contain built-in controls (like play, mute, volume, etc.) that have a standard design that is dependant on your browser. But, if you want to enhance the design of these controls, you can actually build and style your own external controls for your HTLM5 video.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create custom HTML5 video controls for a video in Divi. To do this, we will create and style the video and custom control buttons using the Divi Builder. Then we’ll add some custom Javascript to make it all work.

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