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Jessica Jacobs


JavaScript Lecture - 74 Animation HTML DOM

Hello Friends,
In this lecture we are going to learn how to create animation in javascript HTML DOM. If you like the lecture please donโ€™t forget to share and subscribe for more lectures.


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JavaScript Lecture - 74 Animation  HTML DOM
Lawrence  Lesch

Lawrence Lesch


HTML-dom: Common Tasks Of Managing HTML DOM with Vanilla JavaScript



Web development goes very fast. I still remember the moments when starting to use jQuery, Prototype,, Zepto and many more.

Nowadays, even if our application is powered by modern tools such as Angular, Vue, React, Svelte, .etc, we have to deal with DOM. The frameworks encapsulate and hide the DOM management directly, but still give us a door to work with DOM via ref, event handlers.

If you develop or use a web component in any framework, you have to work with DOM at a certain level.

Knowing the browser DOM APIs and how to use them play an important role in web development. A website introducing the APIs, well-known problems, most popular questions could be very useful.


  •  No external library. Only native browsers' APIs
  •  Small and easy to understand examples
  •  Live demos
  •  Many tips and good practices included
  •  Many real use cases
  •  Work with the modern browsers. Try to support IE 11

Running it on local

Clone the project:

$ git clone

Install the dependencies:

$ cd html-dom
$ npm install

Run it on the local:

$ npm run start

Open http://localhost:8081 in your browser to see it in action.


This project is developed by Nguyen Huu Phuoc. I love building products and sharing knowledge.

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Download Details:

Author: Phuocng
Source Code: 
License: MIT license

#typescript #javascript #html #dom 

Lyda  White

Lyda White


How to Image Uploader with Preview || Html CSS JavaScript

Image Uploader with Preview || Html CSS JavaScript || #html #css #javascript #coding

#html #css #javascript 

Web Monster

Web Monster


Creating a Responsive Blog with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Are you looking to build a professional-looking blog with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? In this video 

tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of designing and developing a blog from scratch, step-by-step. 


From creating the layout of your blog with HTML and CSS to adding interactivity and functionality with JavaScript, 

we'll cover everything you need to know to create a fully functional blog. Whether you're a blogger, 

web developer, or simply looking to learn new skills, this tutorial is for you! 

We'll also provide some tips and tricks along the way to help you optimize your blog for search engines, improve your website's accessibility, and enhance the user experience. 

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๐Ÿ”— Source code

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โ˜ Start developing the project (base files + images) 

- Click on the UpFiles link 

- Click the green button (code) 

- Click Download ZIP 

- Extract the project to the desired location 




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#responsiveportfolio #portfoliohtmlcssjs #webmonster #html #css #javascript #webdesign #website #react #blog, #HTML #CSS #JavaScript #web_development #responsive_design #accessibility #user_experience #tutorial. 


So, if you're ready to start building your own blog, this video is the perfect place to start. Be sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more web development tutorials and tips!


Link of The Video :

w3hubs com

w3hubs com


Display Current Time Using HTML,CSS And JavaScript

In this Display Current Time, we were Using HTML, CSS And JavaScript. We used the javascript inbuild function for a time, and to display, we used javascript DOM. To show the live time, we used javascript setInterval functions.

Also Read:- Bootstrap Progress Bar Percentage Using Jquery

For the responsive side, we used CSS media queries. Also, to make it more attractive, we used a background image with an opacity background.

Make it yours now by using it, downloading it, and please share it. we will design more elements for you.

Source Code


#javascript #JavaScript #html #HTML 

Saurabh Kumar

Saurabh Kumar


Personal Portfolio Website Using Html Css and Javascript

#HTML #CSS #JavaScript 

In this tutorial we are going to make a personal Portfolio in this website there are six section Home, About, Services,Portfolio , Skills, and Contact the main features of this is dark/light mode function

 โˆŽ Download Source codes -

Features : -

  • Fully Responsive 
  • Dark mode/light mode
  • Browser compatibility
  • Social Media Icon
  • and many more

#css  #html  #javascript