Edge Security Policy at Kubernetes Ingress Using Helm and Envoy

Edge Security Policy at Kubernetes Ingress Using Helm and Envoy

In this article, we discuss how to use mappings to securely expose a microservice in Kubernetes with helm to associate L7 policies with a microservice. EnRoute Ingress Controller is a lightweight shim on Envoy proxy that works using filters/plugins. This plugin/filter model is similar to how Envoy ...

Introduction: EnRoute Helm Chart

Helm is a popular package manager choice for Kubernetes. Installation of software, managing versions, upgrading versions, and finding charts from the registry are key benefits of Helm.

EnRoute helm chart installs the EnRoute Ingress Controller and provides easy configuration options to define policy for a service. The helm chart provides fine-grained control to define L7 policies with its ability to enable/disable plugins for a service using configuration options that can be specified when the helm is invoked.

For example, to enable the JWT plugin, simply invoke:

This enables the JWT plugin for the service httpbin

EnRoute also supports plugins/filters to extend functionality and enforce policies. The features page lists the available plugins for the Gateway. More details about each of the plugins can also be found on plugin pages.

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