12 Ideas to improve as a Software Engineer

12 Ideas to improve as a Software Engineer

As a software engineer, I collected 12 ideas on how everyone can improve as a developer. In this video, I want to share these twelve ideas with you and advis...

As a software engineer, I collected 12 ideas on how everyone can improve as a developer. In this video, I want to share these twelve ideas with you and advise on how to improve in general.

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Timetable: 00:00 Introduction 00:30 Thank you for supporting Flutter Explained 02:10 Idea #1 - Learn to scan StackOverflow 03:45 Idea #2 - Learn from Errors and Mistakes 05:40 Idea #3 - Ask as many questions as possible 07:15 Idea #4 - There is no shortcut 08:55 Idea #5 - Learn to write with 10 fingers 10:15 Idea #6 - Understand and know your tools 11:55 Idea #7 - Join a Community 13:25 Idea #8 - Find a mentor 14:40 Idea #9 - Teach others 16:15 Idea #10 - Learn from multiple companies and teams 17:55 Idea #11 - Do not focus on programming 20:10 Idea #12 - In a healthy body life's a healthy mind

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