Node.js Express MongoDB Tutorial

Node.js Express MongoDB Tutorial

Node.js Express MongoDB Tutorial is CRUD example, I have created to showcase Express web framework, MongoDB NoSQL database, and Node.js server platform.

Express is a Node.js web application framework that provides a robust set of features to develop rich web applications. Today we are going to deep dive in Node.js Express MongoDB Tutorial. If you want to know what is Node.js and why we use in server side technology, then please read my article  Why we use Node js as a server side technology

Node.js Express MongoDB Tutorial** will use the NoSQL database like MongoDB to store the form values in the database, Express as the Web framework and Node.js as a platform. We will use NPM as a package manager for our dependencies and Git for version control for our code.

Note:_ If you do not have a Node.js install, then please go to Node.js official website and download the package according to your OS._

Step 1: Initialize package.json file.

Create a project folder and go to that directory and put the following command in your terminal.

npm init

After answering all the data, in your root folder package.json file will be created. This file is a config file for our dependencies, so when we download new packages from Node Package Manager, package.json file will be automatically updated.

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