Beyond the frontiers of disabilities

Beyond the frontiers of disabilities

Beyond the frontiers of disabilities. How technology is opening a whole new world for people with disabilities

The past two decades ignited the technological revolution we are living today. However, even though companies embraced it in public, most of them have been slow in adapting their workplaces. We’ve all heard about the famous paperless office, but employees are still drowning in a sea of paper. Process re-engineering was another buzz word, but customers still face manual systems with time-consuming processes at the backend. Remote working was the cornerstone of our technological advancement, yet employers were afraid of losing control, and their doubts extinguished these excellent initiatives.

Then the pandemic happened. Everyone was in shock and panic seeped in. The only solution was to switch online, quickly digitise our paperwork and start rethinking our processes. And companies realised that things weren’t so bad after all. As a matter of fact, before the pandemic, only 10% of the workforce primarily worked from home. When it finally passes, this number will increase to 25%. Furthermore, employers are more open to this alternative form of work because it carries several benefits such as downsizing office space, decreasing meeting hours, reducing business travel, and making office hours more flexible.

But there’s another benefit which many employers do not realise. The talent pool of potential employees suddenly increased by several folds. Workers do not need to reside in the country where they are working (if they can work remotely). Some countries like Bermuda, Croatia and many others are even offering working visas. But this pandemic is also opening up new horizons for another sector which has a lot of untapped potential; people with disabilities.

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