Top 20 Flutter Widgets Libraries for 2020

Top 20 Flutter Widgets  Libraries for 2020

Top 20 Flutter Widgets Libraries for 2020 .An easy to configure sidebar widget for your flutter mobile/web apps .A beautiful animated flutter widget package library .Arc Text Widget for Flutter .Flutter widget to show text in popup or overlay container .Flutter plugin to display a simple numeric keyboard on Android & iOS

1. Flutter Sidebar

An easy to configure sidebar widget for your flutter mobile/web apps

"Flutter Sidebar"

2. Motion Tab Bar

A beautiful animated flutter widget package library. The tab bar will attempt to use your current theme out of the box, however you may want to theme it.

"Motion Tab Bar"

3. Flutter Spinbox

SpinBox for Flutter is a numeric input widget with an input field for entering a specific value, and spin buttons for quick, convenient, and accurate value adjustments.


Spin boxes are best suited for such applications

  • that deal with large numeric value ranges and high precisions,
  • where users typically know upfront the exact value they are entering,
  • where users may later have a need to accurately adjust a previously entered value.

As a rule of thumb, spin boxes are great for scenarios where

  • sliders and alike UI controls are too inaccurate,
  • tumblers and alike UI controls cannot provide enough value range,
  • and a plain text field is inconvenient for value adjustments (open the VKB, move the cursor, erase the previous value, enter a new value... vs. tap-tap-done).

"Flutter Spinbox"

5. Flutter Arc Text

Arc Text Widget for Flutter

"Flutter Arc Text"

6.Flutter Show More Text Popup

Flutter widget to show text in popup or overlay container

"Flutter Show More Text Popup"

7.Numeric Keyboard

Flutter plugin to display a simple numeric keyboard on Android & iOS

"Numeric Keyboard"

8.Double Back To Close App

A Flutter package that allows Android users to press the back-button twice to close the app.

"Double Back To Close App"


FSuper can help developers build complex views quickly and comfortably.

It supports rich text, rounded corners, borders, pictures, small red dots, and set up to two sub-components at the same time, and control their relative positions, high-quality Neumorphism style.

✨ Features

  • Rich corner effect

  • Exquisite border decoration

  • Naturally supports wonderful rich text

  • Gradient effect

  • More sense of space Shadow

  • Not simple Red Point

  • Flexible and powerful relative layout

  • High-quality Neumorphism style


10.Flutter Background App Bar

A background app bar plugin, use this plugin if you want to preserve background of sliver app bar when scrolling,

"Flutter Background App Bar"

11.Flutter Crop

A Flutter package for cropping any widget, not only images. This package is entirely written in Dart and supports Android, iOS, Web and Desktop. Also, because of being independent from native platform, it does not increase size of your apps output (e.g. apk).

"Flutter Crop"

12.Flutter Gol Grid

The example contains two alternatives.

One uses several relatively small widgets in a scrollable column, suitable for a browser:

"Flutter Gol Grid"

13.Flutter Rangeslider

An extension of the Flutter Material Slider to allow selection of a range of values via 2 thumbs.

"Flutter Rangeslider"

14.Height Slider

A customisable height slider for Flutter.

"Height Slider"

15.Neuomorphic Container

A package widget that applies the concept of Neuomorphism in software development using Flutter.

Neumorphic containers pretends to extrude from the background. It’s an elevated form created from the same element of the background.

The background color of your application or widget hosting the Neuomorphic Container has to match the Neuomorphic Container background color to display properly.

The Neuomorphic Container comes with default values for height,width,intensity,blur and offset parameters.

The blur and intensity parameters are very delicate and the value selected should fit properly. You can decide to use the default value for blur and intensity at first and if that does not fit your purpose you can play around with other values that suits your narrative.

Intensity requires a value within the range of 0.01 to 0.6 else an exception is raised.

The new version comes with four styles for Neuomorphic Container : Flat, Concave, Convex, Pressed. The Pressed Style currently does not work on flutter web.

"Neuomorphic Container"

16.Flutter Plugin Filter List

FilterList is a flutter plugin which is designed to provide ease in filter data from list of strings.

"Flutter Plugin Filter List"

17.Flutter Useful Widgets

This package makes it easy to build apps by providing a list of simple and useful widgets.

"Flutter Useful Widgets"


A Flutter package containing widgets and utilities created by GroovinChip.

This package currently contains the following widgets:

  • ModalDrawerHandle
  • OutlineDropdownButton
  • OutlineDropdownButtonFormField
  • GroovinExpansionTile
  • SplitColorBackground
  • AvatarBackButton

This package contains the following utilities:

  • The HexColor class, which returns a Color based on a hex value String
  • The textLuminance function, which helps determine the color of a Text based on a given background color
  • The printFormattedJson function, which prints nicely formatted JSON to the console


19.Flutter Google Places

Google places autocomplete widgets for flutter.

"Flutter Google Places"

20.Analog Clock

Clean and fully customizable analog clock widget.

"Analog Clock"

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