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Emma Pacino


All You Need To Know About Microsoft Authenticator

Every day we hear of financial frauds, account hacking, online data breaches, theft, and data theft. Microsoft created its own app to address this issue. It works great if you have an Office, Microsoft or Skype account. This app acts as a 2-factor authentication app, and is similar to other password-protecting apps.


The service provider platform will ask for a code every time you attempt to log in to your account. If you don't enter the code, your account will not be accessible. Microsoft Authenticator is a great app for those who want to quickly sign in to their accounts. It can be used on Microsoft accounts and non-Microsoft ones.


What is the working principle of the app?


You may have used another authentication app before. After 30 seconds, the app generates a code and sends it your registered mobile number. Once you have received the code, you will need to enter it into your account log in page. It is very similar to how you log in normally. The only difference is that the authentication application will give you the code.


The working mechanism for Microsoft accounts and non-Microsoft accounts is different. You only need to enter the code if you have a Microsoft account. If you have an account that is not Microsoft, you will need to enter the username and password as well as the code.

All platforms with the ability to receive a one-time passcode are supported by the app. The authenticator can only be used by OTP-generating platforms that are time-based. Let's now learn how to use Microsoft Authenticator for your account.


Steps to use Microsoft Authenticator


You can access your Microsoft account here:

Log in to your Microsoft Account in order to access the app.

The login prompt will be displayed on your screen whenever you open the app.

You will need to choose the "Personal account" option.

Log in to your 'Work or School account' if you have one.

You will now be asked to verify your identity with a code.

You have the option of receiving the code via email, text message or other means.

Once you have entered the code, the app will be linked to your account.

A no-password sign in option is also available. The authenticator will only ask for your username and code when you log in to an account.


Non-Microsoft accounts


Open the authenticator app from your device.

Click on the three dots to select the menu option.

Select the "Add Account" option.

Next, click on the "Other account" option.

Go to the website for your email service provider.

You will then receive the code or the QR code option.

Go back to the app, and then tap "Enter Code Manually".

To complete the authentication setup, follow these instructions.

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All You Need To Know About Microsoft Authenticator

How To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication in cPanel

What is 2FA
Two-Factor Authentication (or 2FA as it often referred to) is an extra layer of security that is used to provide users an additional level of protection when securing access to an account.
Employing a 2FA mechanism is a vast improvement in security over the Singe-Factor Authentication method of simply employing a username and password. Using this method, accounts that have 2FA enabled, require the user to enter a one-time passcode that is generated by an external application. The 2FA passcode (usually a six-digit number) is required to be input into the passcode field before access is granted. The 2FA input is usually required directly after the username and password are entered by the client.

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Top Microsoft big data solutions Companies | Best Microsoft big data Developers

An extensively researched list of top Microsoft big data analytics and solution with ratings & reviews to help find the best Microsoft big data solutions development companies around the world.
An exclusive list of Microsoft Big Data consulting and solution providers, after examining various factors of expert big data analytics firms and found the equivalent matches that boast the ace qualities with proven fineness in data analytics. For business growth and enterprise acceleration getting inputs from the whole data of the organization have become necessary, thus we bring to you the most trustworthy Microsoft Big Data consultants and solutions providers for your assistance.
Let’s take a look at the List of Best Microsoft big data solutions Companies.

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Microsoft Reveals Need To Prioritise Skills To Maximise Value From AI

Microsoft India today released new research revealing that organisations that combine the deployment of AI with skilling initiatives are generating most value from AI. The topline findings of the research underscore that mature AI firms are more confident about the return on AI and skills.

The tech giant recently conducted a global survey with approximately 12,000 people working with enterprise companies. The research surveyed employees and leaders within large enterprises across industry verticals in India, and 19 other countries, to look at the skills needed to thrive as AI becomes increasingly adopted by businesses, as well as the key learnings from early AI adopters.

The survey found a direct link between having the skills needed to thrive in an AI world and the value organisations gain from their AI implementations. The research further reveals that employees are keen to acquire AI relevant skills that are growing in importance and are of value to them personally and to the business. The organisation leaders surveyed predicted that half of all employees will be equipped with AI skills in the next 6-10 years, which is nearly one-and-a-half times more than the present estimations.

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Layne  Fadel

Layne Fadel


How to become a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador (MLSA)

doesn’t matter if you are a fresher or a final year bachelor’s student or a master’s student, you can apply ! All you need is passion for technology.

By enrolling in Microsoft student ambassadors program (earlier Microsoft student partner), you can -

  1. Upskill yourself by Microsoft courses, get mentored by Microsoft professionals, earn badges and certificates.
  2. Host events, workshops and hackathons at your college, teach people how to code and become a LEADER.
  3. Network with global community.

I got to know about this program last year (2020) in early may and by 12th of may, I completed and submitted my application. I got selection mail on 7th August.

Right now, I am in my final year of engineering.


  • Microsoft swags and goodies
  • USD150 monthly Azure credits
  • Office 365, Visual Studio Enterprise, Techsmith Snagit and Camtasia softwares for free.
  • MTC certification exam vouchers and LinkedIn learning free for 6 months.
  • Mentorship and networking with Microsoft professionals.
  • and much more !

Excited ? Apply now !


  1. Visit their official website, click on ‘Apply Now’ and Sign up.
  2. Application form consists of basic information, written sample, technology skills, resume and a short video introduction.
  3. Make a video explaining your passion for technology and why you want to join the program. Upload it on YouTube (or Google drive).
  4. [My video for reference]
  5. Fill the form and submit.


  • You can fill the application form throughout the year. New students are accepted into the program quarterly.
  • After submitting, you can edit your application until it goes to the review state by Microsoft. You’ll learn about the deadline date while filling the application form.
  • Do not skip filming the video; it increases your chance of getting selected !

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Microsoft Development Services in Ahmedabad

Looking for Microsoft Development Services in Ahmedabad?

We at DataPierce offers our best Microsoft technology-based development services. Our vast years experienced developers serve their experience to fulfil your business needs with the affordable rates.

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