No Time for Flutter Developer

No Time for Flutter Developer

No Time for Flutter Developer / No Time For Flutter. The plugin is still not in its first version any but they rather call the early version now. You can learn in a day or a time. Now we first need to give the flutter project path but we don’t have it right.

Convert Adobe-XD UI to Flutter Code

Flutter UI design is a fairly complex task for developers. What will happen if this complex task becomes easy for everyone at once?

I myself was very surprised to hear that this difficult task can be done very easily. Without knowing any development. Flutter UI design without knowing development skills is a bit like a dream.

But that is the truth. Adobe Xd designing tool has made dreams come true. This design tool converts the design into flutter UI design.

You don’t need to know any development about flutter.

Tools You Need

  1. Adobe-XD
  2. XD to Flutter plugin
  3. Android studio

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