7 Free Programming Books every Data Scientist should read in 2020

7 Free Programming Books every Data Scientist should read in 2020

7 Free Programming Books every Data Scientist should read in 2020. These free books will show you how to develop skills which many Data Scientists lack.

Two weeks ago I’ve published 7 Free eBooks every Data Scientist should read in 2020. I’ve got an amazing response! So the natural thing was to expand on this topic.

Real-world Data Science is not just about fitting models. Data Scientists also need to learn about the best coding practices, Bash, Git and basic web frameworks. Books in this article will help you develop those skills.

Many readers commented, “I don’t have time to read”.

Programming books are not novels that you have to read from start to finish. I try to read 10% of a technical book — usually not from the start. I skim the table of contents. This way I learn the gist of the book.

When I’m faced with a problem in the real world, I know where to find the solution.

In case you would like to invest in yourself check the following courses:

- Your First Machine Learning Model in the Cloud

- Intro to Machine Learning
- Intro to Programming
- Data Science for Business Leaders
- AI for Healthcare
- Autonomous Systems
- Learn SQL
- Free skill tests for Data Scientists & Machine Learning Engineers

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