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TOEFL Prep Course

This is a comprehensive and rigorous course. Four hundred and ninety-five videos provide thorough review of the TOEFL. The course contains all the text from the book TOEFL Strategies, so it is fully self-contained. You will not need to get any outside materials for the course.

Basic knowledge
You should have some knowledge of the English language. This course is designed to develop college level English skills and reasoning skills
What will you learn
TOEFL students all ask: How can I get a high TOEFL iBT score?

Answer: Learn argument scoring strategies.

Why? Because the TOEFL iBT recycles opinion-based and fact-based arguments for testing purposes from start to finish. In other words, the TOEFL iBT is all arguments. That’s right, all arguments. If you want a high score, you need essential argument scoring strategies. That is what TOEFL Prep Course gives you, and more!

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TOEFL Prep Course

Techtutorials | Online IT Courses, Training, Syllabus

Techtutorials tell you the best online IT courses/training, tutorials, certification courses, and syllabus from beginners to advanced level on the latest technologies recommended by Programming Community through video-based, book, free, paid, Real-time Experience, etc.

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Simpliv LLC

Simpliv LLC


Leadership Courses | Learn How to Speak Like a Leader | Simpliv

Imagine that every time you speak, people perceive you as a confident and authoritative leader. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can speak in a confident manner and in a way that is instantly understandable and memorable to your audience?

In this How to Speak Like a Leader course you will learn the following:

How to avid the most common speaking blunders that undermine authority
How to increase eye contact with your audience
How to structure your presentation so that you don’t seem like a mid-level bureaucrat
How to prepare in the least amount of time possible
This course is delivered primarily through spoken lecture. Because the skill you are learning is speaking related, it only makes sense that you learn through speaking.

The skill you will learn in this class is not primarily theoretical or academic. It is a skill that requires physical habits. That is why you will be asked to take part in numerous exercises where you record yourself speaking on video, and then watching yourself. Learning presentation skills is like learning how to ride a bicycle. You simply have to do it numerous times and work past the wobbling and falling off parts until you get it right.

This course contain numerous video lectures plus several bonus books for your training library.

TJ Walker has been coaching and training people on their presentation skills for 30 years. Now, through the power of Simpliv’s online platform, he is able to give you the same high quality training that he gives in person to CEOs, Fortune 500 executives, and Presidents of countries. Only you can now receive the training at a tiny fraction of the normal fee for in-person training.

How long this course takes is up to you. The longest part of the course involves you speaking on video, critiquing yourself, and doing it over until you like it. But if you get to the point where you love how you look and sound when you present it will be well worth the time spent. And having this skill will save you time for all future presentations in your life.

You can begin improving your leadership presentation skills right now. You may have an opportunity to speak out as soon as tomorrow, so why waste another day worried that your presentation skills are not up to high standards. Enroll in this course today.

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

What others say:

“TJ Walker’s single-minded devotion to presentation has made him the #1 expert for executives seeking guidance on speaking to the public and media." Bob Bowdon, Anchor/Reporter, Bloomberg Television

“TJ Walker is the leading media trainer in the world." Stu Miller, Viacom News Producer

(TJ Walker’s Media Training Worldwide) “The world’s leading presentation and media training firm."Gregg Jarrett, Fox News Channel Anchor

Who is the target audience?

Anyone how is a leader or who aspires to be a leader
Leaders who wish to speak more effectively
Basic knowledge
Students will need to record themselves speaking using a cellphone camera or webcam
What will you learn
Speak with the confidence and authority of a leader
Project competence
Present ideas in an understandable manner
Make your key ideas memorable to your audience


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Simpliv LLC

Simpliv LLC


Journalism Courses | Media TV Reporters and News Anchors course | Simpliv

Imagine appearing on a network newscast as a reporter or anchor and you look as confident, poised and articulate as any childhood idol you grew up watching. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can look and sound exactly the way you want when you are conducting interviews or anchoring a newscast?

In this On-Camera Skills for TV Reporters and News Anchors course you will learn the following:

How to look comfortable, confident and relaxed on TV
How to sound conversational
How to rehearse using video, and how to critique yourself
How to make constant on-air improvements

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Ian  Robinson

Ian Robinson


IIT Patna Launches PG Certification Programmes In AI/ML, Big Data & Cybersecurity

Indian Institute of Technology, Patna (IIT Patna) has collaborated with WileyNXT, to announce post-graduate certification programmes in three key fields — Cybersecurity and Blockchain; AI & Machine Learning; and Big Data Engineering.

Being a globally recognised centre of Computer Education with world-class research output, IIT Patna’s courses with WileyNXT will build students’ competencies in new emerging fields to grow their careers further. The courses are specifically designed for final year students and early-stage professionals who aim to develop a career in the respective fields.

According to the official release, Post the successful completion of the programme, the participants will get a joint certificate from WileyNXT and IIT Patna.

When asked about this collaboration, Vikas Gupta, the Managing Director of Wiley India, stated his excitement in offering these cutting-edge programmes in partnership with IIT Patna.

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Docker (a) the concept and foundation

Docker basis

Why docker? In a traditional deployment, we will encounter different machines, different versions dependent on compatibility and other issues, resolve this problem typically consume a lot of time, and have to execute the deployment of the unified environment on different machines is a lengthy work . In addition, different environments, for example, further comprising a cost managed Dev / Test / Prod like. To solve these problems, Docker should be shipped out. MongoDB online training helps you to learn more effectively.

Docker may use different operating Container different components (e.g. node.js web server, MongoDB, Messaging System, etc.), and these Containers can be run on the same physical host, while no influence on each other (i.e., each have their own execution environment dependent). Such as:

By the graph we can see, Docker Container is a shared Kernel, and executed on Docker layer. Docker and Hypervisor (the virtualization process control) is not the same: Docker is not virtual, not run different OS Kernel and on the same underlying hardware, its main purpose is to use containers of using the same set of different applications and OS Kernel execution. The traditional virtualization architecture:

This virtualization of the infrastructure will largely use of hardware resources, and the VM image is generally GB-level data. The Docker Container is a lightweight resource size is the amount of MB level. This makes Docker Container start faster, usually second level. The president of the VM starts much time, because of the need to start the entire OS.

Docker Installation and Start

In Linux, you may be used directly yum or apt-get installation, such as:

sudo yum install -y docker

Then start:

sudo /etc/init.d/docker start


sudo docker run hello-world

Basic Docker command

docker run

The implementation of a docker container, specify parameters for the image name, if this image does not exist locally, it will download from dockerhub, for example:

sudo Docker RUN Ubuntu

Unable to find image ‘ubuntu:latest’ locally

latest: Pulling from library/ubuntu

7ddbc47eeb70: Pull complete

c1bbdc448b72: Pull complete

8c3b70e39044: Pull complete

45d437916d57: Pull complete

Digest: sha256:6e9f67fa63b0323e9a1e587fd71c561ba48a034504fb804fd26fd8800039835d

Status: Downloaded newer image for ubuntu:latest

docker ps

List the containers currently running. You can use docker ps -a to view the status of all containers.

docker stop <container_name>

Stop a docker container. But this docker container can still be docker ps -a command lists.

docker rm <container_name>

Removing a docker container.

docker images

List all images.

docker rmi <image_name>

Remove one image. Before removing the need to remove all the container is being used in this image.

docker pull

To pull a local image, performed after the docker run, you will not go DockerHub pull mirror. MongoDB training for more skills and techniques.

docker exec

Executes the specified command within a docker container. The (7e2290cbe2f7 of docker id):

docker exec 7e2290cbe2f7 cat /etc/release



Docker Run command Advanced


1. Specify the image, such as:

docker run ubuntu:17.04

2. attach to the container in a running, such as:

docker run -d training/webapp

docker ps


fdd161c7d3f3 training/webapp “python” 19 seconds ago Up 19 seconds 5000/tcp vibrant_hermann

docker attach eager_johnson

for outputting attach points to the current instance of the container stdout

3. docker run -i designated waiting stdin input

  1. Port Mapping

After the execution of a sample web app, we can see the following output:

docker run training/webapp

At this point, port 5000 is bound to a private network ip, for example: we look at the internal ip of container:

docker exec da16b96211f6 ifconfig

eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 02:42:ac:11:00:02

      inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:


      RX packets:15 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0

      TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0

      collisions:0 txqueuelen:0

      RX bytes:1186 (1.1 KB)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)

This can be seen ip is, and our host instance ip is So, if a simple example of using the host ip: 5000, is a not visit this page. Here we need to do port mapping, for example:

docker run -p 80:5000 training/webapp

Container and can start more, use a different port mapping, for example:

docker run -p 8000:5000 training/webapp

This allows us to deploy two web server, listening on port 8000 external ports are already examples of port 80.

4. Volume Mapping

Docker internal container has its own file system, the file system is isolated from the outside. We can also roll in the docker container external volume mapping. So that after the destruction of container, where volume data is still stored locally. MongoDB online course from industrial experts.
E.g: docker run –v /opt/datadir/:/var/lib/mysql mysql

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