Build a Jira plugin that can send SMS messages using Twilio

Build a Jira plugin that can send SMS messages using Twilio

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As a developer, when you think of Atlassian's Jira you probably think of bug tracking or project management for software development, but many organisations use Jira for all sorts of project management and communication. We found this out recently when The Salvation Army in Australia reached out for help sending SMS messages from their Jira powered contact centre.

Opening up this communication channel led to great results for the Salvos. In this post we are going to see how to build your own Jira plugin that can send SMS messages within your Jira project.

What we're going to build

We're going to build a Jira plugin that adds a new view into your Jira project from which you can send SMS messages using the Twilio API. This will be similar to the first version of the plugin we built with the Salvos.

We need to be able to handle plugin installation, showing an HTML form that we'll use to capture the message, and sending the message. For this blog post we'll use Node.js and Twilio Functions, though you could use any back-end of your choosing.

What you'll need

To build this plugin you will need:

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