What WhatsApp Conversations Tell us About our Friendships

It was my best friend’s birthday a couple of days ago and I decided to harness my coding skills to give her a unique gift. Get ready for an in depth analysis of Words, Emojis, Numbers, Words, Links, Images, Videos, Audios and attachments

In this article, you will find

  • A step by step guide to formatting a Whatsapp conversation guide
  • Line Graph: Frequency of messages sent over 3 years
  • Spyder graph: Yearly, monthly**,** weeklyandhourlymessages
  • **Bar plot: **Emoji analysis
  • **WordCloud: **Most frequently sent messages

Data, data and data

A little bit of an overview before we dive into the breakdown of this WhatsApp conversation…

  • 932 days between the first message sent on the 3rd or March 2017 and the last message on the 22nd of May 2020.
  • Participants in the conversation: My friend and I.
  • 2,150 messages were sent in total
  • 11,821 words were exchanged

Import and reformat text file

The first step was to download the conversation from WhatsApp. This can be done very easily from the app itself or the web server extension.

A couple of things need to be noted about the cleaning process before we go into the ~juicy~ visualisations.

The format of the text file imported is as follows:

[day-month-year hour:minute:second] name : message \newline

The main goal of this first step was to create a ‘csv’ file from the text file originally downloaded. I replaced the closing and opening square brackets [] with a comma and the colon with a comma as well.

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What WhatsApp Conversations Tell us About our Friendships

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whatsapp web-w app web-webs whatsapp »

Through whatsapp web you can easily run whatsapp on your android pc on your android mobile. Just like whatsapp mobile is for android device, whatsapp web is for windows device. Whatsapp web is quite popular which has quite cool features.

whatsapp web

how to use whatsapp web desktop
Whatsapp web is very easy to use. Simply you have to search web.whatsapp.com in your google chrome and click on first result which is the official website of whatsapp web.

As soon as you click, an interface will open in front of you, on which you will see a barcode. Follow the steps given below to use whatsapp web on your desktop


open your whatsapp on your mobile
You will see 3dots on the right side top inside whatsapp, you have to click
The 3rd option is whatsapp web, you have to click it
Now you have to capture the barcode you see on your desktop through your phone.
Now you can use whatsapp of your android mobile in your desktop
webs whatsapp

note: You can see whatsapp of anyone’s mobile by pointing to the barcode of your desktop. You can also call it whatsapp hack.

Remember that after using whatsapp web, logout it from your desktop. To logout follow the steps given below.

w app web

open your whatsapp on your mobile
You will see 3dots on the right side top inside whatsapp, you have to click
The 3rd option is whatsapp web, you have to click it
You will see the symbol for logout, you have to logout by clicking it.

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jack richer

jack richer


Launch A Lucrative Instant Messaging App With The Robust Whatsapp Clone

People used to write letters to their friends and families for communication in the olden days. Then came the invention of landline phones, which made it easier to communicate over long-distance. Followed by which came the trendsetting invention, the mobile phones. Communication became much easier. SMS packs were used and those became the fundamental communication mode across the world.

Though years passed by the normal SMS communication, it got largely replaced because of the emergence of instant messaging apps like Whatsapp. It became the household name for many users worldwide by bringing several advantages in the messaging world; one of which is, offering instant communication facilities without any cost but just with the internet connection. It is now topping the chart in the messaging industry by competing with many other apps like Telegram, Snapchat, etc.

Why choose WhatsApp Clone?

Whatsapp is basically a freeware, cross-platform messenger app owned by Facebook. It is an app that allows users to send text messages, videos, images, and documents along with the feature to make video and voice calls. The application runs on mobile devices and they are accessible from desktops as well.

For many business owners and investors, it has been and is being the top role model, and is paving the way to the development of Whatsapp Clone apps. Here are the reasons why developing the instant messaging app can offer you various benefits.

Due to the communication, it provides with just the internet, the app can be used all around the world. They come with some extra features like last seen, whether the message is read or not, with its timings, ability to share locations, and many more. The incredible features of the app made it have an audience of 900 million users.
As the years pass by, the active users of these apps are increasing. There are also many reports proving that messaging apps are more popular than the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Last but not the least, people are welcoming these technologies for the uniqueness and ease-of-access they are offering.

Cost for development:

The cost for developing an instant messaging app like Whatsapp is not fixed, as they will depend on the functionalities and features everyone adds. For every addition of a special feature, the cost may vary and the same goes for the functionality. Apart from that, the total hours of development, addition of plug-ins and add-ons also make the most part. However, purchasing and developing an app from Whatsapp Clone script can cut down the cost.

As a final note,

It is high time for you to reap profits. So select the right development company and get yourself a white-label solution as a smart choice and set foot in the industry soon!

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jack richer


Highlighting Features Of Our WhatsApp Clone App

Swerve to the top with our WhatsApp Clone that is devised to make a big splash across the messaging industry. Developed with cutting edge technology. Loaded with astounding features. Our solution helps you top the chart in a single go.

Highlighting Features Of Our WhatsApp Clone App
Group Chat:

Users can add members and assign a name to the chat with special characters and emojis. All the group members can send multimedia and also respond inline to other member’s chats.

Contact syncing:
Users can sync contacts from the address book, SIM card, or email without any hassles. No need for manual editing as these contacts are synced via the cloud.

Multimedia and File sharing:
Instant messaging apps are considered a powerful communication medium because of the ease to share any media contents like images, video or audio, and files of any format. Users can experience just that with this app and turn into productive professionals.

Social media integration:
Users can log in to the chat app through social media logins. The app shows the online presence, timestamp, typing presence, and more.

Video calling:
Let users build bonds or enhance productivity using the high-quality video calling feature, where they can connect across miles with just a single tap without any external hardware support.

Voice calling:
Turn the instant messaging app to a carry-anywhere telephone using this feature. Users can connect with remote teams or individuals with just the internet as a medium.

Take the messaging experience of users to the next level, as the app is not just limited to sending or receiving text messages but also allows users to share their real-time location with their friends or family.

Instant Notifications:
Users can get to know about the messages the instant they receive even without entering the app. They will also receive notifications even while their screen is locked.

Star messages:
Users can bookmark some essential messages by starring them. They can retrieve those starred messages for later instantly whenever needed.

Secret chats:
Users can have some secret conversations with selected contacts. The messages in the secret chat will disappear from both ends automatically after a particular time.

As a final note,
It is high time for you to reap profits. So select the right development company and get yourself a white-label solution as a smart choice and set foot in the industry soon!

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Strategic Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic With the Use of Whatsapp Messages

There are several ways you can make use of WhatsApp to gain website traffic. We at AppClues Infotech have listed some ways that will help you to boost your website traffic by developing an app like Whatsapp.

For more info:
Website: https://www.appcluesinfotech.com/
Email: info@appcluesinfotech.com
Call: +1-978-309-9910

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Erwin  Boyer

Erwin Boyer


5 Common Use Cases of a WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp chatbots are quickly gaining popularity for connecting with the consumers for a better user experience using a WhatsApp Business API.

Currently, more than 50 million businesses are using the WhatsApp business account. You may think that chatbots are already everywhere; what makes them so special to be integrated with WhatsApp. The answer lies in the core values of the WhatsApp application. Unlike other platforms like websites or Facebook, WhatsApp was created for the sole need of free instant messaging that doesn’t involve any advertisements or gimmicks.

This allows WhatsApp Bots to provide a unique experience to its users compared to other platforms.

Five Use Cases of WhatsApp Chatbot:

Lead Generation

Bookings and Notifications

Customer Support

**Events registration **

** Enhancing Sales **

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