Creating AMP Pages with Next.js

Now web developers must build web load faster to improve user experience and search engine ranking, make less bounce rate, and make more traffic. AMP pages load near instantly, so let’s try AMP Pages with Next Js.
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I’m using an existing project from the previous article. we will make the pokemon list fancier with styled-components. you can clone here and use branch styled-components.

1. Enabling AMP

To enable AMP supports you must add this code on-page files. for example index.js.

export const config = { amp: true }

More information about it

Use an AMP validator to check your AMP Page work.

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Or you can check inspect and look at the console.

Powered by AMP ⚡ HTML – Version 2011252111003 http://localhost:3000/

If you see errors from the AMP validator you must fix it but for this.

Tag 'html' marked with attribute 'data-ampdevmode'. Validator will suppress errors regarding any other tag with this attribute.

You can ignore it because it’s fixed after a build. and in our case, we must fix this.

The attribute 'height' may not appear in tag 'div'.

Carefully when use props, change height to customHeight.

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Creating AMP Pages with Next.js
Eva  Murphy

Eva Murphy


Google analytics Setup with Next JS, React JS using Router Events - 14

In this video, we are going to implement Google Analytics to our Next JS application. Tracking page views of an application is very important.

Google analytics will allow us to track analytics information.

App link:

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Eva  Murphy

Eva Murphy


Laravel API and React Next JS frontend development - 28

In this video, I wanted to touch upon the functionality of adding Chapters inside a Course. The idea was to not think much and start the development and pick up things as they come.

There are places where I get stuck and trying to find answers to it up doing what every developer does - Google and get help. I hope this will help you understand the flow and also how developers debug while doing development.

App url:
Github code links below:
Next JS App:
Laravel API:

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Lilyan  Streich

Lilyan Streich


Next js Tutorial For Beginners

Next js Tutorial For Beginners is the today’s topic. It is no secret that creating single-page applications can be immensely challenging these days. But with the help of some libraries, frameworks, and tools, it is effortless nowadays. React.js is the common frontend libraries among the Front-end developers. Its virtual dom theory makes React faster and gives us the better application performance. Now, one problem is that Single Page Applications are not at all SEO  friendly because it is rendered on the Client side  and not Server side . So when the Search Engine crawlers try to send a request, they cannot get our meta content or description and not even the main content. Search Engines do not care about how your app is architected or whatever ideology was used to adjust and fetch the right material. Their bots are not as smart as using your apps as a real user would. All they care about is that once they send their spiders to crawl and index your site, whatever the server provides on the first request is what gets indexed. In our case, all they get is our div tag with an id and bundled JS file, and we can not index our website correctly. So some how, we need a SSR to tackle this problem and in React js, Next.js is the perfect solution.

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Hire Dedicated Node.js Developers - Hire Node.js Developers

If you look at the backend technology used by today’s most popular apps there is one thing you would find common among them and that is the use of NodeJS Framework. Yes, the NodeJS framework is that effective and successful.

If you wish to have a strong backend for efficient app performance then have NodeJS at the backend.

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So what are you waiting for? Get your app developed with strong performance parameters from WebClues Infotech

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Do we need Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Google is promoting AMP as the final solution for Mobile webpage loading speed, should you jump on?

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is the latest technology in web development developed by Google. The technology helps developers build mobile sites that are faster to load. Google has always stated that one of the key ranking factors for a website is it’s loading speed; in plain English, websites that are faster to load are better ranked by Google.

Read in Detail: Do we need Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

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