How to use Flask-Session in Python Flask ?

How to use Flask-Session in Python Flask ?

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Flask Session

  • Flask-Session is an extension for Flask that support Server-side Session to your application.
  • The Session is the time between the client logs in to the server and logs out of the server.
  • The data that is required to be saved in the Session is stored in a temporary directory on the server.
  • The data in the Session stored on the top of cookies and signed by the server cryptographically.
  • Each client will have their own session there own data will be store in their session.
Uses of Session
  • Remember user when they log in
  • Store User specific website settings (theme)
  • Store E-Commerce site user

This article assumes you are familiar with flask basics. Checkout – Flask – (Creating first simple application) to learn how to make a simple web application in flask.


Install the extension with the following command

$ easy_install Flask-Session

Alternatively, if you have pip installed

$ pip install Flask-Session

Configuring Session in Flask

  • The Session instance is not used for direct access, you should always use flask_session.
  • The First line (session) from the flask is in such a way that each of us as a user gets our own version of the session.
  • Python3

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