Docker Intro: Step-by-Step

Docker Intro: Step-by-Step

Docker Introduction: Step-by-Step. An overview of Docker to get yourself started, many code examples + additional resources to look into. What Docker is, how it works, and what to do with it. Docker is a containerization tool.

Docker is a containerization tool. This means you can run stuff in it very easily, basically anywhere, on its own, or with many other things together. And with microservices being cool now, containerization is too. So, if you are in the industry you should have an idea of what Docker is, how it works, and what to do with it. At least, that’s what I thought to myself, so here is my humble summary.

Installing Docker


  • got to and navigate to Linux
  • choose your Distro — be sure to pay attention to the supported versions
## uninstall old versions
sudo apt-get remove docker docker-engine containerd runc

## using the convenience script
curl -fsSL <> -o
sudo sh


Docker Toolbox

The OG support for Docker, which gives you a set of tools to make working with it on Windows easy. This will use Oracle VirtualBox, then install Linux and then run Docker. In any case, this is the old and deprecated way — now you can automate stuff by using Docker Desktop.

Docker Desktop

Similar to the previous solution, but instead of VirtualBox, this uses the native virtualization tool Hyper-V. Still, a Linux system is created, but now on Hyper-V where Docker once again runs on a Linux instance within Hyper-V.

Also, you cannot run Windows apps on the Linux-based Docker, for this you need Windows Server 2016 and explicitly tell Docker to run Windows Containers instead of Linux Containers.

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