HIPAA Compliant Chat API & SDK for Messaging and Voice Conferencing

HIPAA Compliant Chat API & SDK for Messaging and Voice Conferencing

CONTUS MirrorFly provides a highly scalable and secure hipaa compatible messaging solution for your healthcare organization to connect with patients via real time chat, live video calling, notifications, more.

Given the present digital age, the medical app market is growing popular rapidly. According to a report, there are 54,034 apps as of 2021’s first quarter. In order to build a healthcare app, you need to make sure that it is HIPAA compliant. This is necessary if you want to include communication features like audio/video calling and messaging in your app. In this article, we shall discuss all about HIPAA compliant chat API and SDK in detail.

What is HIPAA and PHI compliance - What do they mean?

Let us understand the concepts of HIPAA and PHI compliance one by one.

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It ensures the patient's data protection. A HIPAA compliant tool is one that promotes the security and privacy of healthcare promotion. The main idea is to protect PHI (Protected Health Information).

PHI stands for Protected Health Information. It involves details like name, age, account number and all other forms of personal data. Here are some types of PHI for your understanding:

  • Medical records
  • Bill information
  • Insurance information
  • Chat history

Should you use a HIPAA compliant messaging app or website?

According to HIPAA, your communication tool should be HIPAA compliant if you fall in either of the two categories mentioned below:

  • Covered Entities
  • Business Associates

Simple guide to choose the best HIPAA compliant API and SDK

Does your software need to be HIPAA compliant? In this section, we shall discuss the various tools that you can leverage to build HIPAA compliant software. Now, there are three important factors that you need to consider:

HIPAA security standards

Choose a tool that is HIPAA compliant. That should be your first priority. This is to ensure safety while building your software.

1.Price of HIPAA protected API and SDKs

The cost of the tools also matters. Cheap APIs and SDKs might not be that much efficient.

2.Kind of support provided by HIPAA secure texting tool

It is also essential to check the quality of support that the tool is providing to the development of your software.

3.Best tools for developing a HIPAA compliant app or website

Have you been planning to build a HIPAA compliant app or website? We can help you choose the best APIs and SDKs for your software. Here’s a list of some of them:

Contus MirrorFly - Best HIPAA compliant messaging API and SDK

Contus Mirrorfly is a self-hosted chat solution with a complete power-packed message building platform. It connects over 1 million patients, doctors and medical professionals via a single chat solution. You can build the best HIPAA compliant chat app for remote healthcare with MirrorFly API and SDK. Get features like 1-1 chat, video and audio conferencing, health report sharing, telemedicine and many more.

HIPAA security standards: MirrorFly ensures HIPAA compatibility to ensure patients safety. It tends to protect patient’s data from data exposure and ensures privacy configuration via end-to-end encryption. There are multi-layers of protection and security.

Price: It follows the customized pricing pattern. However, you get a 30 minute free consultation. All you need is to do is to request a free demo.

Support: MirrorFly is one of the leading API and SDK providers. It supports multiple top-quality features such as customizable and secure healthcare messaging, audio/video call and audio/video conferencing. It supports around 150+ features and can integrate with both your application and website. You also get features like live broadcasting, push to talk and a lot more.

It is a messaging and chat platform. It supports video and voice calls and is available for web and mobile usage. Sendbird is a HIPAA compliant texting SDK. Get one-on-one texting, group chat, audio and video chats, thumbnail generation, delivery receipt, offline messaging, translation and a lot more. You also get push notifications and response monitoring features.

HIPAA security standards:

Sendbird is HIPAA compliant and protects your chats and messages. It is PHI compliant too and protects your chats and privacy. Sendbird has special policies for reporting breaches and assessing risks.

Price: It has different kinds of plans such as a free plan with limited functionalities, customized plans to suit your special requirements.

Support: - It is known to provide quality support messaging software. Sendbird is compliant with HHS guidelines by HITECH too. So, if you are looking for an efficient HIPAA compliant API, Sendbird can be a good option.

Twilio - Secure API for HIPAA compliant messaging app and website

Twilio is a cloud-based communication platform. It helps you develop software via most popular communication channels such as SMS, email, voip, audio and video chats. You can record calls and conduct audio conferencing.

HIPAA security standards: Twilio became a reliable partner with Healthcare in 2020. It is HIPAA compliant and includes programmable video, voice, SIP and many more. It has HIPAA eligible services such as peer to peer rooms, group rooms and many more.

Price: Twilio has a ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing model. There is no free version available. However, you get a discount if you purchase more volume of services. You also get a free trial with full API access. Chat conversations are available at $0.05 per user per month.

Support: Get real-time customer communications across channels. Twilio can be leveraged by institutions of any size. It can be the best option for you if you need a multifunctional solution for your software.

Make way for secure communications with HIPAA compliant messaging platform

A HIPAA compliant app or website can perform wonders for you when it comes to managing your communications effectively. Moreover, your conversations remain safe and secured. We hope our article helps you find the best HIPAA compliant chat API and SDK. Choose the best that suits your requirement and give way to protected communications.

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