Accept giropay payments with Stripe.js

In this episode you’ll learn how to confirm a giropay PaymentIntent with Stripe.js. giropay is a popular German payment method and accounts for 10% of online checkouts in Germany.

Table of contents

00:00 Introduction
00:26 Verify the server endpoints
00:53 Create the payment form
02:06 Create the PaymentIntent on the server
03:03 Confirm the PaymentIntent on the client
03:30 Test giropay payments
03:59 Output payment result
04:51 Fetch the publishable key from the server
05:21 Recap

Server implementations

Ruby -
Python -
Node.js -
Java -
Go -
.NET -


Matthew Ling - Developer Advocate at Stripe -


Official client library:
Official documentation:


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Accept giropay payments with Stripe.js