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The legal cannabis business is poised to get up to USD 39.4 Billion by 2023. Its market size is driven by two main reasons. One is the growing medical applications, and the other is the legalization of marijuana— from cultivation of marijuana seeds to derived-products marketing. This has become to reach a point where it is not just the customer base that is increasing but also the business players.

The resulting graph that the Cannabis market is creating is enough for startups to look into the domain as a planned industry to spend in for high value.

As we look into the features, let us first look into the marketplace of cannabis.

The market size that legalized cannabis is first backed by the sum of countries that have now initiated the idea of legal weed. Also, the "subsequent" because of the strong factual knowledge that more states will soon be joining the lineup.

On that note, let us look at the places where dealing with marijuana or cannabis is legal.

The areas where cannabis is legalized at the current time is somewhat restricted; another side of the coin of the fact is that the number of countries now applying the idea of legalizing marijuana is gradually increasing. Moreover, growing with it is the number of players who are now starting the segment.

Cannabis Delivery Mobile App

Where growth and consumption of cannabis are legalized, with the assistance of the On-Demand Medical

Marijuana Delivery App Development organization.

A mobile app was built with a special place for itself in the weed delivery app industry; many other brands are working towards offering the same level of service in the countries and states.

On-demand Medical Marijuana Delivery Mobile app

All the various players of the On-demand Medical Marijuana Delivery Mobile app business are operating in one or the other company model.

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Three used business models make a venture.

Medical Marijuana Delivery Mobile App Development Industry's Business Models

  1. Delivery Specific Under this business model, you can focus your energy on simply being a delivery partner. You can work around the delivery of orders made and items delivered.

  2. Single Store Startup Here, you can start your store and also keep the delivery part under your forte. This way, you will earn from both the store and the delivery charges while expanding your business capabilities.

  3. Aggregator Startup Running in the line of Amazon and eBay, you can start your business as an aggregator, which brings stores and customers in one place. So, what your role would be is that you will be managing the order and delivery of cannabis including white widow feminized and other breeds for home cultivation along with managing the groundwork recording of inventory that stores have.

Now, irrespective of which business model, out of these three most commonly adopted ones, you plan to base your cannabis delivery app on, the list of features that are in many ways a list of must-haves is something that would be omnipresent across all.

Medical Marijuana App Key Features in Cannabis Delivery App

User Registration The registration process should be easy to follow for a customer. While they should not be asked to follow multiple lengthy procedures to enter a mobile app, they should also not be admitted inside the application without proper identity and age check.

Search Option Along with giving the option of selecting a product from a wide range of offerings in the app, the app should provide its users with the facility to have a comprehensive sort and filter option as well.

Multiple Payment Option The app should integrate various modes of payments in the cannabis delivery option. While making payment through debit and credit card, PayPal will be an excellent must-have, it is cash on delivery that you should most definitely add as a mode of payment in the application.

Schedule Delivery Customers should be given the facility to schedule the delivery of cannabis in their preferred time and availability.

Order Tracking The app should make use of APIs to give live tracking functionality to the customers. They should, at any given point in time, have a clear idea of where their order has reached. Moreover, in case the delivery is made through a dispensary that is in the same location as that of the customer, you can also think about offering them a live tracking option.

Reorder Since most of the orders that are made under a legal jurisdiction are meant for medical purposes, there is a high possibility that the customers would demand it again. Thus, a reordering feature will be of immense help here.

Settings Customers should give a separate section to manage their profiles, select the mode of payment, add and edit addresses, work around the app notification, etc. Naturally, to make the app journey easy.

Feedback and Rating The sign of any excellent service is the rating and review that it gets. The company would only be able to judge how well their service is getting accepted in the market after they give a rating and feedback option to the customers to rate the product that they are getting.

Profile A store profile should contain a series of information about the store/dispensary. Information like – address, the name of the owner, contact info, photo of the store, etc. Now, usually, businesses keep the ability to edit profiles with themselves. However, it helps if the store owner handles it on their own.

Delivery Person Contact In case there is a plan to appoint a delivery person to the dispensary to send the weed, the store managers should give the ability to get in touch with the delivery person who would be responsible for taking cannabis from them to the end customers.

Help and Support A proper facility should be given to the store manager to contact the application's admin or parent company in case any query or doubts is surrounding the service that they are offering. Inventory Status Before you pass a customer's order to the specific dispensary, it is essential to know if at all the goods are present in the dispensary. Note, it is vital to have an inventory update feature in the store's app version so that the manager can update the status of cannabis availability with them.

Profile The drivers should give the facility to manage their profile and put in information like name, address, upload their identity proof, contact information, etc.

GPS Tracking The driver's application should have a proper GPS integration to show them the route and exact address of the customers and the stores, where they have to make and take the delivery. Status of Delivery Drivers should have the option to update the status of delivery – En Route, Arrived, Order Delivered, and Payment Received, etc.

Dashboard Admins of the application should be given a panel from where they can manage, control, and view the whole activity happening on the platform in real-time.

Manage Listings The feature would allow admins to edit the listings, change the pricing mentioned on the page, remove the listing if fishy, etc.

Manage Orders Administrators should give the functionality to keep track of all orders made on the application, track their status, queries related to the law, the payment scenario, etc. Manage Customer

Admins should give information about the customers and their feedback, order history so that they can analyze and handle the whole reselling engagement process.

Feedback and Reports Admins should be given the complete access to view, comment, and take action on the feedback and customer/stores' reports and blocks.

Side Notes

Now that we have looked at all the delivery of medical marijuana app key features that come attached to the Medical Marijuana Delivery Mobile app development process. Are you ready to place an order?

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