Simple Solution for Exchange to Office 365 Migration

Simple Solution for Exchange to Office 365 Migration

To migrate Exchange to Office 365 mailboxes and vice vice-versa, Office 365 Migration Tool could be the best Solution. It supports Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and all below versions.

If you use a typical Exchange Server for your organization and have determined to migrate to office 365, the satisfactory alternative available to you is the staged migration. Now, in case your organization has lots of mailboxes and also you pick out to go along with a cutover migration, all of your users could be migrated to Office 365 without delay. regrettably, this means you will reconfigure all in their outlook profiles once the migration is entire, making this a terrible desire if your clients want a selective or faultless migration for theirusers, as it does now not offer any approach of selectively migrating on-premise exchange server objects. If you want to overcome these confines, you could genuinely go for a smart solution.

Exchange to office 365 migration is like under your own steam on eggshells. It is bright to go with a smartmigration tool.

Shoviv Exchange Server Suiteis an advanced solution that provides effective and efficient features to present the migration task. It is accomplished by doing many tasks related to Office 365, Outlook, Live Exchange, Exchange Server, etc with the user-friendly GUI and several handy features. Benefits: • Migrate Exchange to Office 365 in simple steps • Add multiple Mailboxes as a source for migration • Get a preview of the added source mailbox • Date and Message class filter options. • Save source mailbox in different formats like EML,HTML, MSG, RTF, vCard,etc. • Automatic mailboxmapping of source and target. And preserve the folder hierarchy. • Search items with selected criteriain the added mailboxes • 24/7 free assistance. • Demo evaluation version available • Free upgrading.

This is the best solution for Exchange to Office 365 migration that users can get.

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