What is TTCRYPTO (TTC) | What is TTCRYPTO token | What is TTC token | Tik Tok

What is TTCRYPTO (TTC) | What is TTCRYPTO token | What is TTC token | Tik Tok

Is a tokenized community of bloggers from all over the world. The currency is a means of payment on the first international TikTok bloggers exchange and is being prepared for integration into other IT projects in exchange for advertising. With TTCrypto, you can now order the promotion of your products or services from any blogger from around the world. What is TTCRYPTO (TTC) | What is TTCRYPTO token | What is TTC token

Tik Tok is becoming the most popular social network in the world and is overtaking YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

According to forecasts of well-known business experts, Tik Tok will become the first in 2021. The demand for advertising with bloggers is also growing rapidly. For the convenience of cooperation with them, a digital coin TTCrypto has been created, with which you can conduct a transaction anywhere in the world instantly and with minimum fee.

Even before the launch, hundreds of bloggers expressed a desire to use this token. They want to accept payment in it, as well as to use it to award subscribers for their activity.

Top 5 TTCrypto advantages

1. Passive income from holding the coins. The rate is 10% per month and new TTCrypto coins are credited to the wallet every day. Moreover, the issue is limited to 10 million. Revenue comes from selling ads on the first TikTok blogger exchange. Find more details in ttcrypto world chat

2. You can get Advertising in TikTok for free! Just keep coins in your wallet and order ads using the rewards from staking. This is the best offer on the advertising market!

3. TTCrypto has unlimited advertising opportunities. Coins are integrated into IT projects in exchange for advertising. Today, we are considering dozens of applications from such services already. Due to this, the TTCrypto development will be as fast as possible

4. Interest from exchanges. The crypto industry needs new users, so many platforms want to cooperate with TTCrypto. This will allow us to achieve good liquidity in a short time

5. The world’s first international TikTok bloggers exchange. TTCrypto creates a new market where there is no competition at all.

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Digital coin TTCrypto for TikTok bloggers

TTCrypto was created for the first International TikTok exchange for bloggers and to support IT Startups (advertising in exchange for integrating the token into their services).

TTCrypto is a tokenized community of bloggers from all over the world. The currency is a means of payment on the first international TikTok bloggers exchange and is being prepared for integration into other IT projects in exchange for advertising.

The project is launched on the TRON Blockchain and allows each holder of coins on the balance sheet to receive passive income — 10% per month.

How the Tik Tok bloggers’ exchange will work

With TikTok coin, you can now order the promotion of your products or services from any blogger from around the world: Russia, the United States, Europe, China — it is convenient to receive payment in our digital coin everywhere.

And this summer, the launch of the international Tik Tok bloggers exchange will take place, where entrepreneurs and PR agencies will be able to buy advertising as quickly as possible and use the full potential of the Tik Tok social network for their business.

The main payment method on this exchange is TikTok coin. The coin allows you to make instant transfers anywhere in the world and save on fees — they are less than a cent. And it is less than a cent for any amount!

Moreover, there is an additional feature on the exchange — crowdfunding. You can send a donation to a blogger, or raise funds to launch your own channel, or shoot a video for Tik Tok.

TikTok bloggers, DeFI, TRON — a new hype in the crypto industry?

The social network TikTok already has over a billion users all over the world, and TikTokers are becoming new opinion leaders. Loren Gray, Bella Porch, Karna.val — have you ever heard of these bloggers? Each of them has tens of millions subscribers and is growing in popularity as fast as the price of Bitcoin. What does cryptocurrency have to do with it? Let’s answer: in early January, the digital currency for TikTok bloggers — TTCRYPTO (TTC) — was released and in just a few days it has risen in price several times on the JustSwap exchange. It looks like Justin Sun has a strong new ally.

Token on a smart contract created on the TRON Blockchain. Oracles — tiktokers, staking, limited emission — more on that you will read later. Let’s start with the essence. TTCRYPTO currency was created for the first international bloggers’ TikTok exchange, and in this aspect the crypto industry has definitely bypassed the traditional business, since this exchange focuses on advertising blockchain projects and promoting the industry as a whole. At that moment, the project has more than 200 bloggers with a total audience of over 100 million people. Loren Gray alone has 50 million and is rumored to be one of the founders of TTCRYPTO. Tiktokers have already shown themselves in the organization of the Dogecoin pump, and now the case is gaining serious scale. Every day there are more and more of them, videos about their token are released on the TikTok social network, and bloggers are clearly tuned in to the top position in the CoinMarketCap rating.

We have scrutinised the tokenomics of TTCRYPTO — the project of bloggers, — as well as the technical data of their token. TRC20, smart contract, including staking, blockchain oracles (bloggers form an objective market value for advertising), and the emission of only 500,000 tokens with mining within 12 years up to 10 million. For the first year, the project charges + 10% per month from staking, and then halving takes place, which halves the growth of emissions, etc. By the fifth year it’s 0.5%, so it is best to enter the asset as soon as possible.

Tokenomics is interesting: a business or a company orders advertising from a blogger for TTCRYPTO, and bloggers exchange these tokens among themselves in order to advertise and strengthen their own blogs. So taxes can’t get these Tiktokers — they just created an alternative economic system. Now the most interesting thing: they are preparing to launch the TikTok Bloggers Marketplace and an app, where their subscribers can watch private content. With the word “private”, you can imagine anything, but personally we understand this as promotion courses in TikTok as one of the most popular courses, and also various life hacks.

For all these IT projects, TTC has created smart contracts that allow investors to receive income from profits. For example, the commission fee for buying advertising on the TikTok exchange is 20% (it is justified due to the escrow service and other various features) and it is divided between token holders.

We will follow the news of TTCRYPTO and buy their tokens on JustSwap (TRX / TTC pair). They say that many exchanges have expressed a desire to list this coin. In any case, TikTok bloggers will demonstrate the functioning of an independent economic system and will definitely contribute to the mass adoption of crypto projects. An audience of 100 million is really strong. We will definitely take advertising services for TTC on the TikTokers exchange and tell you about its effectiveness for the crypto business.

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