Backpropagation made easy

Backpropagation made easy

Backpropagation made easy. Backpropagation is so basic in machine learning yet seems so daunting. But actually, it is easier than it seems.

It doesn't take a math genius to learn Machine Learning (ML). Basically, all you need is college first-year level calculus, linear algebra, and probability theory, and you are good to go. But behind the seemingly-benign first impression of ML, there are a lot of mathematical theories related to ML. For many people, the first real obstacle in learning ML is back-propagation (BP). It is the method we use to deduce the gradient of parameters in a neural network (NN). It is a necessary step in the Gradient Descent algorithm to train a model.

BP is a very basic step in any NN training. It involves chain rule and matrix multiplication. However, the way BP is introduced in many ML courses or tutorials is not satisfactory. When I was first learning BP in Coursera’s Machine Learning class, I was so confused about its calculation process I paused for several months. Meanwhile, I searched for more explanation of BP. I managed to pass the course. I finished the coding assignment. But BP still remains a very messy and confusing blur in my brain.

It doesn’t really hurt if you don’t understand BP at all and simply regard it as a black-box, because Tensorflow or Pytorch can automatically perform BP for you. But recently I was reviewing my notes on ML, and I start to properly understand BP. My method is to set up a simple NN and write down every parameter and variable matrix/vector explicitly and write down the gradient calculation through chain rule for each parameter matrix/vector step by step. At the end of the day, BP turns out to be so much easier than I originally thought.

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