Shadow Your API Traffic to Detect Breaking Changes

Shadow Your API Traffic to Detect Breaking Changes

This article will explain how to use diffy to test your new version directly in production.

When deploying a new version of your API, one of the worst things that can happen is breaking your contract without noticing it.

The best-case scenario is you break your front end, you see it quickly, it has a minor impact, and you have an incident for a few minutes. But as you can imagine, it can be way worse if you are talking about business transactions, personal health metrics, etc. APIs are everywhere these days.


This article will explain how to use diffy to test your new version directly in production.

What Is a Breaking Change in an API?

Most of the time, a breaking change in an API consists of an extra parameter required in the request or renaming a field in the response. Any format change can be considered a breaking change in your API.

How Can You Be Sure You Have Not Introduced Breaking Changes?

The first thing to do is to help your team understand that any changes in your API can break things. So you can introduce versioning to your API, be super cautious when validating pull requests, and do a test on your QA.

But is this enough? The next step is to test your API with real traffic in production!

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