A Beginner’s Guide To Object Oriented JavaScript

A Beginner’s Guide To Object Oriented JavaScript

Learn about ‘Object literals’, ‘JavaScript classes’ and ‘Prototype’.

In this article, we’ll discuss the object oriented aspects of JavaScript language. In our daily life, we come across a lot of objects like Television, Cell phone, Car, Animals, Birds etc. and all these objects have their own properties and methods. For example — John is boy. So, he is also an object with properties like_ eyes, ears, hands, legs etc._ and methods like walking, talking, dancing, eating etc.

Object Literal

We can define or create a JavaScript object with an object literal by encapsulating all the methods and properties within the curly braces and itis shown below

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Now, we’ll learn to update the properties of the above object literal john.

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So, we can easily update the properties using assignment operator ‘=’.

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