Intro to the Content Security Policy (CSP)

Intro to the Content Security Policy (CSP)

What you need to know about CSP, a fundamental defense mechanism of the Internet.

There are many decisions that go into the process of creating a secure website. One of these decisions is selecting which HTTP security headers to implement. HTTP security headers are response headers designed to enhance the security of a site. They instruct browsers on how to behave and prevent them from executing vulnerabilities that would endanger your users.

One of these headers is the Content Security Policy or CSP header. And it’s one of the headers that confused me the most when I was first learning about HTTP security.

What is CSP?

The Content-Security-Policy header tells the browser which resources it is allowed to load for the given page. CSP allows you to specify a resource type and then specify a whitelist of locations from which those resources can be loaded.

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