State of the Art Infrastructure as Code

State of the Art Infrastructure as Code

The newest layer of abstraction by Gruntwork that’ll make your life easier. HashiCorp had revolutionized infrastructure as code when they launched Terraform a number of years ago.


HashiCorp had revolutionized infrastructure as code when they launched Terraform a number of years ago. Since then, Terraform has replaced vendor-specific infrastructure as code solutions like AWS’s CloudFormation. Terraform abstracts away the complexity of CloudFormation and also provides a common Infrastructure as Code platform to move to a multi-cloud environment. In the beginning, Terraform got really complex with scale, maintaining a modular approach to infrastructure wasn’t easy, especially when you had many different environments having similar infrastructure.

Gruntwork’s Terragrunt is a wrapper over Terraform which concentrates on solving your problems of Terraform state management and configuration. It also solves some of the problems around having similar infrastructure deployed in different environments.

Use Cases

Terragrunt is a thin wrapper for Terraform that provides extra tools for working with multiple Terraform modules.

The age-old principle of Don’t Repeat Yourself is borrowed from good software development practices where you create a function or a method of something that you have to do repeatedly. A Terraform equivalent would be a module. A module is a repeatable, independent piece of code that can be used to deploy infrastructure. Give this a read. With Terraform being widely adopted across engineering teams of sizes and backgrounds, Terragrunt is a good upgrade to have around.

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